I Would Totally Drink This Dark Souls Tea

Tea is good. Dark Souls is good.

Therefore this Dark Souls Tea makes sense. That's all these things need in common. They are both good things.

This Dark Souls Tea is a one of kind. It's quite literally the only box of its kind and it's up for auction, with sales proceeds going directly to charity.

100% of the sales proceeds are going to SpecialEffect a video games related charity that attempts to level the playing field for disabled gamers — a good cause then. Both Namco Bandai and Yorkshire Tea are in on this. Which is pretty cool. I actually had a box of this tea in my cupboard and can attest to the fact that it was 'pretty good'.

Would drink this tea from an Estus Flask and pretend I am being rejuvenated.

You can bid on the tea here. The bidding is currently sitting at 230 English Pounds, which is around AU$430.


    Yorkshire tea is my mums favourite

      Are comments working again?

      Edit: Wheeee yes they are!

      Last edited 29/03/16 2:58 pm

    I appreciate that it's going to charitea but $400+ for a $5 box of tea bags with a word changed on the box seems a bit too steep. I say we move oolong and get back to forcibly taking peoples blood when they die in dark souls

      Well, it's a bit of an earl grey area. I'd like to assam that the people who are bidding on it are doing it as a fun way to donate.

    A custom flask to go with this would rock!


    If it's not from Yorkshire, it's shite

    I don't think that's tea that's just named after Dark Souls, I think that's actually tea made from the dark souls of the twisted minds that make punishing video games.

      Laced with LSD so you trip balls and think you're in Anor Londo


    why stop at tea? Where is Dark Souls bacon, Dark souls donuts, Dark Souls bacon, Dark souls everything?

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