Players Find The Closest Approximation To Wavedashing In Smash Bros. 4

Players Find the Closest Approximation to Wavedashing in Smash Bros. 4

Melee players have been complaining about Smash 4's limited movement options for years, but now a whole new slew of techniques called "bidou" have been discovered to make Smash 4 a whole lot faster.

Although I haven't had the opportunity to test it for myself yet, players like cayiikaSmash, KidUncommon, and Tarou Tanaka have posted videos showing this new arsenal of techs in action.

The core of the tech relies on pressing and holding the special move button. It also requires a Pro controller, and for just about every button to be remapped. Although competitive players will be rolling their eyes at using anything other than a GameCube controller — and despite the initial awkwardness of holding down the left trigger while pulling off quick double joystick moves — bidou more or less brings back the infamous wavedashing of old.

Bidou opens up the possibility to make perfect pivots easier, pull off crouching perfect pivots, sliding spot dodges, standing dash attacks, and achieve frame accuracy on wall jump attacks. It also makes dash dancing much easier and opens up a brand new tech called "quick step," which is an even smaller movement than the perfect pivot. What that means in short: reduced lag, better momentum control, and being able to get moves out when you need them.

Unfortunately, wireless controllers are banned in many Smash tournaments, and some players speculate that bidou's many benefits will be fixed in the next patch. In the meantime, this new tech opens up a lot of options that serious players are sure to at least experiment with.


    and then the next update comes patching it

    10/10 nintendo appeals to casuals only now

    As the article alludes to, this stuff isn't exactly new, it's been around for 6 months or so.

    Whether this becomes accepted at pro level is another thing though, as it a) requires an unusual controller configuration and b) some tourneys (not all, but some) ban the pro controllers.

    It also requires you to constantly hold that ZL trigger down for the entire match which can put a big strain on your hand. Imagine holding that down all the time in every match you play in a big tourney. It wouldn't be at all pleasant.

    Last edited 26/03/16 9:06 am

      I could easily make a custom controller which is wired, has the pro controller layout, and has zl on a rocker switch. Are custom wired controllers banned?

      But I don't really want ssb4 to devolve into the exploit fest that is melee, I'm too old and slow for that game.

        Are custom wired controllers banned?

        Short answer is yes. Most tournies are pretty strict in what controllers are allowed.

        But the other thing about this tech though is that you can't input specials while you're holding that trigger down, so you kinda need to preemptively hold it and then let it go when you need your specials, you can't exactly do it on reaction.

          "so you kinda need to preemptively hold it and then let it go when you need your specials, you can't exactly do it on reaction."
          Yeah you can. It takes some practice (and varies between how much your character uses specials) but you very much can, the hard part is learning to hold the special button again while you are still in lag to avoid throwing out another special

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