The New Doom’s Multiplayer Looks Just Like Unreal

Video: Arena shooters are back, if the new DOOM is any indication. It looks pretty great, too — today’s new trailer showcases the shotguns, sniper rifles and demon transformations that will take centre stage in DOOM‘s multiplayer modes. The road to this new DOOM has been rocky, to put things mildly, so it will be fascinating to see how the game turns out when it hits PC/PS4/XB1 on May 13. They’re holding a closed beta from March 31 to April 3 — which will finally include those of us who bought Wolfenstein — so we’ll finally be able to play the game then.


  • Reminds me more of the later Quake games than Unreal, personally. Still, looks fun. The original Doom games didn’t have dedicated multiplayer maps or modes so it’s somewhat new territory for the franchise (unless you count the DOA multiplayer from Doom 3).

  • Reminds me of Halo 😛

    Also I hope that voice is just for the trailer and not the in-game announcer. I know it’s probably because I’m expecting the deeper tones of the Halo guy, but still – he just sounded kinda off.

    • Best announcer for me has always been the announcer from UT2003 because it had that gladiator feel to it especially with the menu music, however they were the only good things about 2003, luckily 2004 gave us the ability to switch music and announcers

  • Looks like fun but everyone is moving so slowly. Given id software’s previous support for mods, if they don’t speed it up, I’m sure someone else will.

  • I was in the alpha and got to give it a try and was actually quite fun. Definiately reminded me of unreal tourny, just hectic chaos, really fast paced, and gorey as anything. Am looking forward to it

  • There better not be a ‘sniper rifle’. As an incarnation of an id franchised game it better be a god damn railgun with a scope. If I wanted a sniper rifle I would go play UT.

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