Doctor Doom’s Iron Man Armour Looks Totally Rad

Doctor Doom’s Iron Man Armour Looks Totally Rad

Doctor Doom is one of the two new people taking on the role of Iron Man in this spring’s “Marvel Now!” lineup, and to do so, he’s getting his own suit of Iron Man armour. In true Doom style, it’s been remade in his own image — and it’s a pretty awesome mash-up of Doctor Doom and Iron Man’s designs that really, really works. We got a tease of the Infamous Iron Man’s look when the series was announced, but recently artist Alex Maleev shared some full designs for Iron Doom on his Twitter account, giving us our best look at the marriage between Stark and Von Doom.

I love it. If I could Doom-style speak in all-caps right now, I’d be like, “DOOM LOVES THIS IRON DOOM DESIGN!”

The look of the armour Tony Stark has been wearing since Marvel launched Invincible Iron Man is there, but the Doom twists — the gunmetal and forest green colour scheme, the rivets, even the metallic mouth that’s just like Doom’s old mask and the arc reactors designed to replace Doom’s cape broaches. It’s a blend of designs that just works. Add a cape to finish it all off, and you’ve got a stylish as hell Doctor Doom/Iron Man mash-up. I can’t wait to see it in action when Infamous Iron Man hits shelves later this year.



  • It does look pretty cool. Makes me think of that Armour Wars story, the more recent one where Doom lends Tony one of his suits.

  • can some one tell me the Why behind the mashup? is doom good, bad, indifferent, helping out heroes, stealing tonys tech? what is it what is it?

    • Really seems like “just because” is all the reason they need for things like this these days. Backed up by the ‘real’ reason that they’ve thought up after the fact.

      While I don’t mind if a story comes about like that when it’s handled properly, a lot of the time it just feels forced and falls flat. All because they rolled a dice when deciding what to mash up next.

      • This is how it’s always been. Spider-man got a black suit in Secret Wars “just because” and they made up a reason for that after in his solo book. Except these days they have their big retreats and plan things out well in advance. We don’t even know why this is happening yet so it’s a bit silly to already be calling it forced or whatever.

        • I clearly said a lot of the times it has been done that way it feels forced, I didn’t say that this particular instance felt forced.

          Bit hard to that when they haven’t given the reason yet.

          • You still bring it up which makes it look like you already expect it to.
            Sorry if I sound like a jerk, I’m just seeing a lot of negativity lately and it’s getting to me a little bit.

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