Damn, Now Doctor Doom Is Becoming Iron Man Too

Damn, Now Doctor Doom Is Becoming Iron Man Too

As if one surprising new character becoming Iron Man wasn’t enough for a single week, Marvel Comics has got another one for you. A new comic called Infamous Iron Man will feature Victor Von Doom in Tony Stark’s red and yellow armour. Yes, that Victor Von Doom. Better known as Dr Doom.

Comic Book Resources broke the news of the character crossover, which will be shepherded by the team of Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev. Infamous Iron Man will take over for that team’s International Iron Man when it’s published this spring.

According to CBR, “This move is an extension of storylines in the current Bendis-written Invincible Iron Man series, which has seen Von Doom seek rehabilitation, following his physical transformation at the end of the 2015 Secret Wars event series.” Here’s the full cover.

Damn, Now Doctor Doom Is Becoming Iron Man Too

There’s also a good chance the Infamous Iron Man will cross paths with the Invincible Iron Man, 15-year-old Riri Williams. That should be interesting.

[Comic Book Resources]


    • Seems Marvel and DC are swapping positions and Marvels entering their own “new 52” era…

      • Superior Spider-Man (When Doctor Octopus became Spidey) was one of the best series Marvel churned out in the past 10 years.. it was universally praised and die-hard fans loved it.

        Let’s hope this one’s the same.

        • Yeah, and before it came out all you’d hear is “Marvel has officially lost their minds” or “This is absolute garbage and I quit Marvel” etc. But it was so good and those people all probably looked really dumb afterwards.

          • oh man, it was interesting to see the quick-turn around those nay-sayers did about USM.

        • Superior Spiderman was great, I didn’t bag that one. However like all good things, this is now being *way* overdone and it’s losing its effect and it’s beginning to feel like ‘change for changes sake’. Everything succesful that makes money invariably gets exploited and unfortunately Marvels not immune to that factor. While Superior Spiderman was, it also had a tantalising prospect “What if the badguy became the goodguy”. What we’ve seen Marvel do a number of times so far since, have been brilliant (Falcon becomes Captain America) to ultimately pretty average (Female Thor plotline, had a lot of potential but went really flat).

          Of course it’s not like DC is immune, they just finished a what, 5 year run of drastic mediocrity? lol

          • if we apply the rule of averages, then yes, sooner or later marvel’s going to pump out a dud and might even start being consistently inconsistent.

            i’m hoping that doesn’t start today hahaha.. i’m not keen on having to catch up on 5 years of DC continuity.

          • The whole DC thing is easy to skip over. Just read Flashpoint (or hey, watch the animated movie, stunningly good recreation and a damn good animated movie) and just wiki the story of New52 to save yourself some pain. Then skip straight to rebirth. But I don’t think it’s going to be so bad with Marvel honestly in the end. The Hulk bits they had on here were pretty damn good, but their Spiderman stuff remains consistently great. Miles and Peter both showing quality across the board. The only property to me that feels like its struggling truly with marvel atm, is Iron Man O_o

    • In a new universe where Peter Parker is richer than Tony Stark, the Inhumans making a huge comeback, multi-culturally diverse teams (sometimes ironically) being formed, superhero minors (under 18) are hugely popular and women in power are becoming a norm, anything could happen.

      Though they’ve always got their Post-Secret Wars FF Deus-Ex-Machina to fall back on in case things go outa whack.

      Edit: And the fact that they’re trying to streamline everything so that the MCU retells classic Marvel and the Prime Universe tries new things.

  • I’ve been wanting to get into comics again for a while now but it just seems more hassel than its worth. And what the hell is up with all the re-boots and crap

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