The Warcraft Movie Gets A Fancy Official Poster

Yes, it's real. This actually going to happen and the crazy part is, given the cast and director, it might actually end up being good.

Oh, and now the movie has an official poster.

It's a bit generic, but I guess it's representative of the themes about the movie — the idea of telling a story from two different perspectives, not demonising the Alliance or the Horde.

It also has the stupidly, unfairly handsome Travis Fimmel on it, so that helps matters. That guy is ridiculously good looking.

Looking forward to this movie.


    "The Beginning"? Kinda gives me a "Pokémon: The First Movie" vibe

    Man Ragnars reeeeeeeally going out of his way to make his next invasion special isn't he...

      All the Opium has made him see where his destiny truly lies...

        That's one hell of a way to open the Dark Portal...

    Yeeeaaaa Travis. Pretty stoked for this, Fimmel's played Ragnar amazingly thus far.

    I just want a Peon to say "Ready to Work"

    I'm cautiously optimistic for a few reasons.
    - Seeing characters brought to life. While I am not currently playing WoW, I have sank many an hour into the world of Azeroth. With Blizzard actively at the helm of this production, I don't believe that they would let their characters get to the screen in a form other than what they have envisioned for them.
    -Seeing high fantasy that isn't Tolkien. Think back at all of the movies that have elves, dwarves, orcs, swords, sorcery and so on. Outside of LotR/Hobbit and whilst not a movie, Game of Thrones, there really isn't much to choose from, and it is all decidedly B grade. It is an untapped setting because of the current titans that rule it. I could see them fast churning out a Starcraft movie because Sci-Fi is generally well regarded commercially but instead they chose Warcraft, that says a lot.

    I kinda wish this was a Starcraft movie rather than Warcraft, but hopefully if this does well then Starcraft is next on the list.

      Id rather have a Starcraft as a TV series, its where videogames would do best in my opinion. I mean you have much more time to get a story and themes going with a TV series than you do with a movie which is where almost every video game movie goes wrong ( trying to condense games that last 10-100+ hours into a simple 80min-180min time slot.

      Infact i could see the fallout Universe along with Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo, TES, Arma, Stalker, the Witcher (especially wild hunt) as 22-30 episode per season tv shows similar to GoT. Lets take Witcher 3 for example, Each main quest line could be stretched out over a 20 episode season such as the bloody baron questline, while having smaller side quests and monster hunts being typical villan/monster of the week episodes to add in varity.

        Yeah but whether a TV series can actually get the budget to do the sci-fi universe of Starcraft correctly is another thing entirely.

          id say it would, if taken to HBO or NetFlix considering how good GoT is going, any other Studio id highly doubt they get given the time to even pitch the idea

    Before you cheer the bloody carnage...the trailers called it PG 13. No blood. Yes I know the poster says yet to be classified, but thats for Australia. Its pretty much a satuarday morning cartoon.

      thats fine, because Warcraft has always been rated by the ESRB as T for Teen which is the game equivient of PG-13 for Movies in the US

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