A Truly Honest Video Game Commercial

A Truly Honest Video Game Commercial

Video: This is “E3 stage presentation” meets “those neat sunglasses from They Live“.

Nice job, Cracked.


  • Jesus, on point in every damn way.

    If you showed people this 10 years ago, they’d be laughing in the aisles calling it masteful parody…

    Now, I feel like crying and dying on the inside, seeing where we’ve let the industry go.

  • This. Is exactly how I feel about the new playstation neo or whatevet its being called. JB Hi Fi was selling ps4 with uncharted collectiob fr 449 this weekend plus i had a $50 voucher. I so badly wanted to go for it but I kept telling myself that I should wait for the neo.

    • I got that bundle just before the whole PS4.5 rumors were coming. I’m a little miffed.

  • Sigh

    So sad that its all true. Sony w/ the neo especially. As always, being top dog went to their head and now they’re seeing if people are dumb enough to buy into it.

    And they are…good lord.

  • You all sound like Eeyore.
    I’ve been playing games since the atari and have yet to buy any dlc, map packs, early access etc
    It’s not that hard, just don’t buy it, or wait till the game gets older and buy the full game.
    Better yet, don’t buy AAA games that are the same thing just with a more hi def skin, return it.
    Keep games that are different, and that are full games, avoid anything with planned important to story dlc.

    Personally I’ve just been playing old ps1 and ps2 games I never got to finish when i was younger. The stories in them are better and the gameplay is more thought out. Dumb corporate companies will catch on when their sales numbers drop.

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