Resident Evil Village Pirate Says Cracked Release Fixes Bugs From DRM

Resident Evil Village Pirate Says Cracked Release Fixes Bugs From DRM
Screenshot: Capcom

Resident Evil Village is a good game. But on the PC the game has suffered from annoying stuttering issues that have left many frustrated. Capcom has yet to fix these issues, but now a cracked release of the game that removes all DRM seems to have fixed all the stuttering.

As reported by Dark Side Of Gaming, the PC version of Resident Evil Village was recently cracked by EMPRESS, a famous DRM remover. Now that Village has been cracked, anyone who knows where to look can download a pirated version of the game and play it without DRM. Removing DRM from Village also seems to have fixed those nasty stuttering issues that have been plaguing the game since it was released back in May.

In a message announcing the cracked release of Village, EMPRESS claims that Capcom is using both Denuvo and its own DRM technology. And it seems that all that DRM inside Village was the culprit behind the stutters and gameplay hitches players have experienced.

“All in-game shutters like the one from when you kill a zombie are fixed because Capcom DRM’s entry points are patched out,” explained EMPRESS. “So most of their functions are never executed anymore. This results in much smoother game experience.”

According to DSOG, after testing the newly cracked version of the game for a few hours, they can confirm that it indeed runs better and is a more enjoyable experience. In a video posted by the DSOG’s EIC, you can clearly see how smooth the game now runs with all the DRM patched out. Compare that to this video of an uncracked version of the game running on RTX 3080.

Kotaku has reached out to Capcom and Denuvo about the stuttering and the recent cracked version that appears to fix the issue in Village.

Capcom confirmed in June during E3 that it had started work on DLC for Resident Evil Village. No more details about the upcoming DLC were revealed, but hopefully, Capcom can get the PC version of Village running better before then, even if it means removing DRM from it.


  • I had zero stuttering issues on PC when fighting zombies. The only time I had jank was when I was getting bitten by the werewolves, however that was fixed up when I upgraded my CPU.

    Newsflash: Pirate claims to fix non-issue to defend Entitlement agenda.

    • Newsflash: Widely-reported and reproducible bug with hours of video evidence doesn’t affect local troll @Akeashar, therefore must not exist and is not a problem.

      Jesus fucking Christ, dude, don’t be that guy.

    • How do you explain me experiencing it then?

      I run a 2080 card, with a high end AMD CPU and 32gb ram. My pc is WELL above the benchmark and I installed the game on an NVME drive as I was really, really anticipating it.

      Then, it was goddamn stutter city from around half way through it.

      Me, a lot of people I know who played it and many people online have experienced this garbage and I don’t honestly know *anyone* who pirated it. We all bought it. I ended up switching to console to end up completing it at some point on my ps5 when I borrowed a mates copy.

      Btw, when you say you didn’t experience it, then go on to say you did, don’t go throwing in a ‘non-issue to defend entitlement agenda’, when you’re clearly contradicting yourself openly.

  • I mean… while it’s poor form that Capcom hasn’t fixed this themselves, also poor form to be doing an article promoting piracy…. two wrongs don’t make a write Zack

    • It’s a legitimate story, I don’t see it as promotion. And if Capcom aren’t shamed into acknowledging that people who pirate their games might just be doing so because it provides a much better experience then how will things ever change?

    • It’s not promoting it, but things like this should absolutely be talked about.

      Companies and their DRM bullshit absolutely need to be constantly put in check and reminded that in a hell of a lot of cases it actually does more to harm consumer experience than it does help, despite their claims of how DRM is there to benefit consumers.

      • i do not support these companies drm practises where the product sold to the consumer is inferior to the one free to pirates. however, given the reality of the situation, i wish more companies would at least take the approach of patching out the drm after the first few months sales window closes.

    • Pick your battles though. It sucks someones pirating, that’s true, but it does expose the fact that we’re being purposely hobbled by terrible software that’s proven time and time and time again NOT to help. It *only* hinders consumers.

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