Destiny's Autumn Update Is Live And Full Of Cool Swords

Destiny's Spring Update Is Live And Full Of Cool Swords

Today marks 2016's first major update in Destiny, a video game in which players travel through space watching their weapons get nerfed. For the first time in a long time, there's new stuff for PVE players to do. Also, there's a Taken sword, which you can get by beating the main quest in this update (Pretender to the Throne). It's my favourite weapon so far. Here's a video of me swinging it around:

There are a ton of other new tweaks and additions to this update — you can read the full patch notes here — including new Prison of Elders challenges and a level cap bump to 335. There isn't a lot of new content, but hey, it's all free. (If you don't mind being bombarded with hints that you should go check out Eververse, the helpful store for all things microtransaction.)

Kirk and I are going to play around with all the new stuff this week — we'll keep you guys updated as we dig in.


    I booted up Destiny for the first time in AGES last night (essentially since I finished the vanilla game).

    Boy, has that game evolved the worlds most convoluted currency system ever or what?!
    Every freaking vendor I went near needed some different type of token thing – I had no idea what was going on. My inventory is full of different coloured squares and it’s all very confusing.

    Shooting is still rock solid, vehicles are still shockingly lame coming from the company that made HALO(!), the levels look worse than I remember for some reason…. And I’m still not spending full-retail (again) on the Taken King expansion.

    I can’t (and shouldn’t, really) get past the feeling that the whole game is a glorified free-to-play title that exists to be constantly exploitative first and a fun game second.

    I will consider getting back on board when the next major Destiny content comes out- I assume it will include all the old stuff and be much better value than re-buying a full retail expansion every year.

      I feel exactly the same way. As day-one owner of Destiny, I feel pretty insulted that my upgrade path is a $40 season pass + $80 update... or buy the thing all over again for less. I wanted to love the game but never got past the "yeah, its ok" feeling, then slapped with this certainly doesnt help me to want to fire it up again.

        I agree with you both. I wasnt keeping up to date as fast as the game tweaked itself and was quickly left behind. There are currencies i dont know how to obtain, quests i can no longer complete, and raids that i never had enough exp or the "right" weapon for.

        I may try plain crucible again one day where i believe my weapons are still of use but i aint buying TTK and am super skeptical of Destiny 2.

    "players travel through space watching their weapons get nerfed"

    Pretty much it...nerfs to Mida and Special/Heavy Ammo with this update is pretty lame as Bungie can't work out the difference between PvP and PvE, but you do get to run through some old areas back-to-front again so I guess that is exciting (?).

    Destiny's /April/ Update is live and full of cool /Sword/

    There is so so much more to this update than a single sword..

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