Hot Ryu Can Be Yours For Only $1166

Hot Ryu Can Be Yours for Only $US900 ($1,166)

You know him, you love him, Hot Ryu. And now, for a mere $US900 ($1166), you can own a 1:3 scale version of the hunkiest version of Ryu around.

Hot Ryu Can Be Yours for Only $US900 ($1,166)

[Images: Pop Culture Shock Toys]

The statue measure about 73.66cm tall and 1000 points hottie.

This is the latest statue from Pop Culture Shock Toys. They do fine work, and you might remember the 1:1 scale Ryu head they did a while back.

Pre-orders start April 19 at 8am AEST, and there are a myriad of payment plans for this piece.

[Images: Pop Culture Shock Toys]


    It's a good thing these tournaments don't have any doping checks.

      I'm offended by the unrealistic body this character portrays...

      Should update this to include ripped ryu

        What are you talking about. When I look in the mirror I'm that ripped

    Swindling idiots out of cash since right now.

    He kinda looks like the guy from the last of us.

    I don't think being that muscle-bound would be useful in a fight.

    Personally I just look in the mirror..........

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