Sega Lets Modders Get Freaky With Its Classic Games

Sega Lets Modders Get Freaky With Its Classic Games

The secret biggest surprise of 2016 so far? Sega has added official mod/ROM hack support to the Steam version of Sega Genesis & Mega Drive Classics. It's a bold new world. Also a very, very strange one. Sega Genesis & Mega Drive Classics now has its own Steam Workshop (and a cool new nostalgia-tastic hub area), which means mods galore. Some of them are really useful! Others are elaborate ROM hack classics. A bunch are... well...:

This one's called Streets of Rage 2 Except It Makes That Weird Tim Allen Noise When People Die. It's self-explanatory. It's also currently the most popular mod on the whole Workshop. Asimov, Stephenson, Heinlein and many more tried to predict the future. They were all wrong.

Other highlights include mods that turn Ecco The Dolphin into an orca and overhaul classic Sonic games by adding Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom. There's also one that's just Angry Birds, because why not?

I don't know what this is. Do you know what this is? Should I be afraid? Worried? Dead?

This, of course, is only the beginning. I cannot even imagine what will happen next, but it will probably involve Shadow the Hedgehog appearing in every Sega game since 1988.


    Awesome! I might rebuy some games of my past.

    This is awesome. sales boost for sure. these things are available for free as rom hacks for emulators but if the otiginal games are cheap on steam why not...

    That's awesome. I believe I picked up the package for free in February too!

    Huh. i wondered what the update was for, mod support is really dang awesome of them! =D

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