The Walking Dead Comic Is Finally Revealing Negan's Backstory

The Walking Dead Comic Is Finally Revealing Negan's Backstory

Negan may have only just shown up on The Walking Dead TV show, but he has been terrorising Rick and the others in the comics for quite a while. Even there, though, he's still as much as an unknown quantity as he is on TV — until now, as a new comic is set to explore his origin. The 48-page story, "Here's Negan", is of course being written by Robert Kirkman with art from Charlie Adlard. It is being told in the pages of Image+, the publisher's recently announced previews publication that will detail upcoming comics solicitations for retailers, as well as provide other bonus original comics material. The story will be told through four-page bites in every monthly issue of Image+. Here's the very first page, which was revealed this week by The Hollywood Reporter:

The Walking Dead Comic Is Finally Revealing Negan's Backstory

OK, so we still don't know much more about Negan yet, but getting to see his infamous weapon of choice Lucille get made is neat.

The first issue of Image+ will be available April 27.


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