A Look At Minecraft's Official New Mario World

Video: This Minecraft statue of Mario is different than other Minecraft statues of Mario. Because this one is official. This week, Nintendo launched a brand new Mario world for Minecraft on Wii U, and it's really intricate, full of big Mario statues, explorable pipes and a soundtrack that loops through a bunch of iconic tracks from the series. There are airships, castles and koopa troopas.

Here's footage of me exploring for a few minutes:

I haven't even seen a fraction of the world, though. IGN's got a video spotlighting some of the Easter eggs if you want to see more:


    Looks pretty sick. I'm a bit old for the mine-craft craze seemed to have missed it but my teenage brother used to play it all the time; does it make use of the Wii U pad? I probably will never play it but I get the appeal, would also be fun having access to a bunch of Mario stuff

    According to other comments the WiiU version of Minecraft does not utilize the pad...

    The IGN video lies.

    Captain Toad's first appearance was Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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