A Poll For The Ugliest Pokémon

A Poll for the Ugliest Pokémon

Not all Pocket Monsters are cute. Or, at least, are seen as such. A recent Japanese poll ranked which Pokémon people thought were the ugliest of them all. Data research site Goo Ranking polled 500 men and women (250 of each) with their ages ranging from 20 to 39 about which Pokémon they thought were unattractive. Keep in mind that this is entirely subjective, as polls of this sort are, but here are the ten that were voted ugliest of them all.

10. Victreebel: 27 votes

A Poll for the Ugliest Pokémon

9. Magmortar: 28 votes

A Poll for the Ugliest Pokémon

8. Gloom: 29 votes

A Poll for the Ugliest Pokémon

7. Exeggutor: 32 votes

A Poll for the Ugliest Pokémon

5. Skrelp: 34 votes

A Poll for the Ugliest Pokémon

5. Hypno: 34 votes

A Poll for the Ugliest Pokémon

4. Jynx: 37 votes

A Poll for the Ugliest Pokémon

3. Weezing: 39 votes

A Poll for the Ugliest Pokémon

2. Muk: 74 votes

A Poll for the Ugliest Pokémon

1. Grimer: 99 votes

A Poll for the Ugliest Pokémon

In case you are interested, Pinsir came in at 11, Tangrowth at 12, Drowzee at 13, Garbodor at 14, Feebas at 15, Magmar at 16, Magikarp at 17, Stunfisk at 18, Eelektrik at 19 and Seismitoad at 20.

OK, but which Pocket Monsters are the cutest?

[Images via The Pokémon Company]


    How timely, not sure about the ugliest but I'm not a huge fan of the three new starters:
    The moon-bat-thing is growing on me though.

    OT: How did Victreebel get voted more ugly than Garbodor? He's garbage ffs.

    Last edited 10/05/16 11:30 pm

      Didn't even realise that the starters had been revealed. After watching that video I have to agree they're pretty bad.
      I mean your choices are between a stupid-looking clown seal, a cat that looks like a bad OC from Animal Crossing, and an owl that... okay, the owl isn't that bad. I'll still choose the cat though.

    Musharna. Gives me the creeps. But I kinda like some of those in the list!

    I always liked the look of Grimer, despite being living pollution.

    8/10 are from the original 150, one is a subsequent evolution and one's from the new game.

    This might be a memory test as much as an opinion poll since first game and newest game are probably the easiest to recall. I wonder if they were shown all 721 and asked to pick or if it was just a flat, unassisted question. (The results make me think the latter)

    I always hated the look of Drowzee and his evo

    See, Victreebel, Grimer, Muk, Weezing and Magmar/Magmortar I thought were great designs for what they were trying to portray. They may look physically ugly because of that. A lot of the new pokemon are just not very good design wise. I'd rather a pokemon that looks unique but is ugly, than one that looks like a bunch of other pokemon but looks better.

    It's Druddigon, no contest: http://www.serebii.net/xy/pokemon/621.png

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