The World's Ugliest Car Returns For An Anime Tribute

The Mitsuoka Orochi, which our colleagues at Jalopnik called "the world's ugliest car," is back for a special one-off anime tribute.

The Orochi, named after the legendary eight-headed Japanese serpent, went into production in 2006. By 2014, coach builder Mitsuoka decided to call it a day, slaying the Orochi.

Mitsuoka didn't ramp up Orochi production again, but instead, redesigned a pre-owned one, turning it into a Devilman Crybaby mobile.

In the anime, one of the main characters drives an Orochi, so this collaboration isn't out of left field.

The vehicle appears to be a display-only item and not currently for sale. There is only one of these Devilman Orochis in the world, and that's probably all that's needed.


    It might be the most ugly high tier car, but I have seen worse and don't even get me started on all the anime vinyl cars, those things are horrendous.

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