Here's The First Assassin's Creed Movie Trailer

Here's The First Assassin's Creed Movie Trailer

There have been good video game movies, but a great one? Michael Fassbender and Assassin's Creed are going to take a swing at it.


    Well. It looks like the game. Thats a good thing. But that mechanical arm? Dafuq?

      Thank god I'm not the only one. Only thing I didn't like.

      Is that Kanye West doing the music?? :/

        If anythings going to persuade someone to kill others randomly... thats it...

      Turns out he was just a prize in one of those claw machines all along.

      At the end somebody will get him out and he'll be all like "You saved my life, I am eternally grateful!"

      I think that's there to eventually explain how he'll be able to escape/defeat Abstergo using his assassin 'training' even though they were just memories.

      I think it will be for training you from your memory.
      Much like the bleeding effect in AC 2 to 3. But instead of lying on a bed it trains you while your having the visions.

      They just solved the VR locomotion issue!

    Was a good trailer but that music that starts at the 1 min mark is terrible.

      Yeah the music isn't great, but aside from that the trailer makes the movie look alright.

    So that looks ok for a first trailer.

    Call me interested or intrigued at least.

    Remember to pre-order to get your speed pants.

      dont forget to that before can watch the actual movie you will to login to your Uplay Account or Sign up if you dont already have one and you must be connected to the internet the entire time or the movie will stop playing

      oh and dont bother going to see it at imax because its optimised better for village cinema viewing only

      Last edited 12/05/16 2:25 pm

      I'm getting the season pass. That way I'll get access to all the extras as they're released.

    Trailer looks super promising.

    Shame about the music though.

    Does anyone else think it sounds like his tongue has been stung by a bee?

    They have to put a joke of Fassbender jumping/climbing over things he wasn't suppose to. If they do 10/10 automatically.

    It looks cheesy but fun. Fassbender is always great, as is Cotillard. Jeremy Irons is fantastic but also the biggest scenery chewer ever - but at the same time the game series is also a scenery chewer so it makes sense.

    Don't dig the redone Animus or the music. Do dig the Spanish Inquisition setting.

    Overall it basically looks like a game, which might not actually be a bad thing.

    I hope there's a few scenes of Fassbender's character simply running down the middle of a street before suddenly and accidentally parkouring up a wall he didn't mean to.

      Do dig the Spanish Inquisition setting.

      Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

      I'll....see myself out...


        When I clicked the trailer, I honestly, without a doubt, did not expect the Spanish Inquisition.

      the original resident evil movie tryed to make it look alot like the game using camera angles that mimicked the games and opening doors up close and that went well i think.

      idk if resident evil fans actually liked the original movie or if they thought it was a horrible hellspawned abomination as most fans tend to feel about most video game adaptations.

    So... how long until the fan trailer, that has more appropriate music, comes out?

      I'm hoping for a trailer with Lonely Souls that was used for the original AC.

        Jesper Kyd's Venice Rooftops from the AC2 Soundtrack is where I go to when I think of music for AC.

    I'd have been a lot more excited for this if it had come out sometime around the of AC: Brotherhood. By now I'm completely over the game and this movie looks faithful enough to the source material that it evokes the same "meh" response that the game does these days.

    I think this trailer forgot to sell the premise to non-gamers. All they'll get from this is: Dude (sort of) goes back in time, does a shitload of parkour.

      Yeah if you don't have any knowledge of the games, that trailer would be a bit confusing.

      Probably won't be the worst movie I've ever seen nor the best. Average is going to be my guess.

        Maybe next year's sequel will be better. Or the year after. Or the year after that...

      I can't wait to mash this movie up with Fassbenders Macbeth.

      Macbeth is a timetravelling story about a modern day man who travels back in time via the matrix to assassinate Duncan, king of Scotland which looks oddly like Paris, at the advice of his wife, Lady Macbeth of Abstergo Industries. Once back in Medieval Scotland which looks oddly like Spain in the 1500's, Macbeth and his rogue assassins strive to wipe out his enemies by use of Parkour... some truly mad Parkour skills. Macbeth and his assassins must fight against Macduff and his Templars!

      And I'll teach that shit to my year 10 history students as fact... JUST WATCH ME :D

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    Music is a bit shit but the trailer looks good, the robot arms have me slightly confused.

    As much as I love ol' Fassbender and his giant dong, I'm nervous about this....

      Giant dong?

        Yes well a USD$1 converts to 22,295.97 Vietnamese Dong which is a giant number. I presume @julesliam is Vietnamese and impressed by all his US dollars?

        Last edited 12/05/16 3:37 pm

        Yes, I too am wondering where little jukes is going with that comment...

    Actually looks kinda alright. My favourite thing (usually most hated thing) is how it's the same but different: different characters, different setting etc.
    Better than trying to make a 1-1 adaptation and messing it up.

    It looks promising, i just hope that ubisoft was in the drivers seat. I remain cautiously optimistic.

    Colour me impressed. I expected them to nail the era after doing such a fantastic job with the Assassin's Creed II promo all those years ago.
    Bit confused by changing the Animus to looking like he got chosen in a crane game, but I guess it'll help to explain the bleed effect for the non-gaming audience.
    Oh, and that song was shit. Seriously shit.

    Trailer with the song "Lonely Soul" from a trailer for the original AC. Works pretty well for a trailer not being cut to the song. =P

    That GIF doesn't make sense...the assassin's stabs both soldiers with wrist blades, but the way the guy at the back fell down side ways would mean he should drag the assassin's entire arm down as well....

    what the fuck is wrong movie marketing theses day.. seriously that music was fucking dreadful

      "What do kids listen to, these days?"

      "They listen to that vile hippity hoppity rubbish"

      "Well, let's put that into the trailer. Should increase box office sales."

    The animus sounds like something they might stick up your bum.

    I'm surprised we didn't see a "This movie was developed by a multicultural team of various faiths and beliefs...."

    Can't wait to see that music pulled from the soundtrack. I'll be curious to see how well this translates.

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