Hitman's New Episode Gets A Fancy 360 Degree Trailer

The new Hitman seems to be outperforming everyone's expectations. That's a good thing.

The new episodic structure also appears to be a good thing. Episode 3 is out tomorrow and if you feel like taking a 360 degree tour through the new environment of Marrakesh, this brand new trailer has you sorted.

I like the idea of Hitman being episodic. The reality: Hitman has always been about multiple small-scale sandboxes and replay value. Providing players with these in a slow drip fashion allows players to experiment with different spaces, but provides new content before it all gets a bit stale.

Also: Marrakesh looks pretty great.


    Haven't played these yet, a few people i've spoke to have to told me they're pretty awesome so i'll get into them soon for sure as i love the hitman series.
    Good to see they're releasing content at a good rate as well! :)

    I have to respectfully disagree - watching and playing anything in episodic format has been somewhat painful in my experience (Telltale games have been the best example of this - after the first season of The Walking Dead, I made a point for other series to be completed before playing them). I much prefer the continuity of one episode after another in a relatively short period of time, or in this case, one mission after another. It's the same reason why I sometimes wait for a whole season of a TV show to be released before watching it. I'm not keen on being drip fed. Some people might call that impatience, but how is not waiting for its entirety any less different?

      Be careful apk31, you may have just awoken the Entitled Demons who spring forth any time a person shares their likes or dislikes and/or their contrary experiences here on Kotaku. Heed my warning, or you too will soon run the risk of becoming their next victim. Take more care next time, lol.
      Fare thee well.

      Last edited 01/06/16 2:31 pm

        HAHA ... Thanks for the warning, somebarztard? I had an image of you telling me this as a cloaked figure, stepping out from the shadows only long enough to part with your wisdom, then backing away with a pointed index finger. At least you fared me well before disappearing completely!

      I have to respectfully agree with you. Episodic works for tv shows because it's typically only a week before the next episode. For episodic games it can be months so you're often forced to watch the spoilerific "previously on..." montage because you don't have a bloody clue where you left off.

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