Overwatch Player Obliterates Enemy With Basketball Trap

Overwatch Player Obliterates Enemy With Basketball Trap

Video: If you've been playing Overwatch's beta, you're probably familiar with basketballs in starter areas. Usually people just shoot at them until the match starts, and then they're left behind, forlorn and forgotten. A couple of players, though, figured out how to weaponise them. Puppy :U and his cohort realised that you can attach Junkrat's steel trap and concussion mine to a basketball, creating a rolling orange katamari of certain misery and death, the first of its kind not named Donald Trump. Check it out:

Normally, you cannot propel basketballs into combat zones, but Puppy's murder device/family friendly sports chimera had no such limitations. He shot at it until the steel trap snared an enemy, at which point the mine detonated on them. They replied the only way anyone could be expected to in such a situation: "wtf."

Junkrat? More like Dunkrat.


    so the second mine does nothing then?

      First one was a snare (the beartrap looking one) stunning her in place. Second mine is remote detonation, his team mate hit the button after the snare landed.

    I accidentally did this with the spider mine thing Widowmaker has. It didn't amount to anything, but I was able to knock it all the way onto a capture point. Could have been incredible :(

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