Persona 5 Looks As Incredible As Ever

Persona 5 Looks As Incredible As Ever

Video: You thought the last Persona 5 trailer was amazing? It was. Ditto for this latest one. Check out this new gameplay, new characters and sweet, sweet user interface.

Yesterday Atlus revealed that Persona 5 will be out September 15 in Japan on the PS3 and PS4.


    Far out, that looks rad!

      That wait for EU version is going to be very hard.

        How long do you think? Oct (in time for my b'day)? Xmas? As long as we are talking 2016.,.

          Don't expect it to be 2016 tho... Probably somewhere Q2 of 2017 given how heavy is the text and voice recording for Persona games.

            I fully expect second half of 2017 for EU, maybe first half 2017 for NA.

            They have stated previously both japan and western release will be in 2016.

            Bringing the game to E3 can reinforce this fact, but can be likely early 2017 though if they haven't been working on the translation along the developement.

            Last edited 06/05/16 12:23 pm

          We may not get it at all if Atlus doesn't secure another publisher for the EU region. From what people were saying when NIS and Atlus split up, Odin Sphere: Leifthraiser is the last Atlus title the EU region will be getting until a new publisher is found. As long as they don't invoke region locking again then importing is still an option.

    wowowowow.. they finally showed the whole crew! this is gonna be gold!

      this is going to be golden

      Persona 5 Golden? :p

        :P It will definitely happen 1-2 year after release

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