First Look At Persona 5 Gameplay 

First Look at Persona 5 Gameplay

Atlus just released a new Persona 5 trailer. It's slick, stylish, and provides a quick glimpse at gameplay footage.

The trailer also provides a short sample of the game's score, which is also very cool.

Persona 5 is slated to come to both the PS3 and the PS4 sometime this year in Japan.


    Western release? or any other information about the game?

      Confirmed back when it was first announced. US and JP both some time this year. Australia when Atlus get around to caring.

    Are these any good or do you need to be part of the "culture" ?

      Persona is great.

        But why? Good gameplay? Story? Is there gameplay? Graphics?

          Mainly for me it was Story and Characters. It has very good writing and intresting people. If you are into Anime at all you will feel very at home with the style of humor.

          Excellent story and writing mixed with high quality VO, very interesting setting and satisfying JRPG gameplay.

            Also one of the best sound tracks for any RPG.

            Admittedly, sound tracks for western RPGs tend to be pretty ordinary. But the Persona music is almost always great by any standard.

            I am a little worried about what appears to be a platforming section in there (around 1:44).

      Persona 4 was my gateway drug into Japanese games and JRPG's. So no its actually a great starting point

    Omg omg, i really like the art and character design.

    That certainly looks like the bar from Catherine at 1:17.

      Protag confirmed as a young Vincent!

    Watching the 30 hour stream was fun. The hype for the inevitable announcement was slowly building as the end came near. So many teases and so many countdowns for countdowns.

    So good!

    Seriously, this looks great. However, I've put my Playstation Upgrade Plan on hold, so would probably get for PS3 (instead of originally intended PS4).... what does Kotaku friends think the main difference will be between the two consoles' versions? Simply a matter of 720p vs 1080p?

    Hoping I can give my protagonist a hair cut.

    Because ugh.

      Come on, your avatar here is just as shaggy!

        But my avatar is a woman! :P And it's all combed downward into straights with a palmtree at the back.

        This guy just wakes up and people thinks he's sexy. Well they will think he's sexy if I handle my social links right.

        Last edited 06/02/15 6:50 pm

          My apologies!

          In my defence, these profile pics are especially small.



      You realise the play time for this game will probably be the same as the amount of time I get to game all year.. 2015/16 FY might be all P5 all the way!!

      Also how much more of a bro is MC in this trailer versus announcmnet trailer??

        A bro?

          Idk, I mean like a cool cat, I'm not up with the young people's lingo. I mena he seemed abit boring at first but he seems like a cool guy to hang out with in the latets trailer. Like he'd have lot sof interesting stories to share etc.

            Oh yeah, I expect fairly lackluster protagonists, being silent & all.

            But yeah, this game is overall more hip in it's presentation & it shows in him too.

              That was such a 'bro' reply, bro.


        I'm getting it for PS4 so there will be many an hour played on the crapper

        cc @greenius

    Watched this on the live stream last night. The hype was delivered. So good.

    Damn watched this like 5 times now; I can't get enough!

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