Super Meat Boy, XCOM Headline Xbox Games With Gold For June

Super Meat Boy, XCOM Headline Xbox Games With Gold For June

People keep hoping Red Dead Redemption will show up, but this ain’t bad! Remember, though Microsoft and Sony like to brag about how these games are “free”, you need subscriptions to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

Unlike PlayStation 4, the whole lineup is playable on Xbox One, thanks to backwards compatibility.

Xbox One

  • Goat Simulator (June 1-30)
  • The Crew (June 16-July 15)

Xbox 360

  • Super Meat Boy (June 1-15)
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown (June 16-30)


    • I got it free an age ago, before gwg existed… we are talking pre halo 3. I dont think it was ever offered in the gwg though.
      Edit: could have been a couple of months after H3 now that I think about it…

      • That’s … a long time ago! I have it on PC and remember it to be a bit of fun. Not sure on what the user base is like, quite small I’d imagine on the Xbox.

        • It was fine on xbox at the time. But it was a long time ago. The game lends itself to local co-op pretty well though, so no real loss. I have it installed on my one for… well I really don’t know why I have it installed on the one.

        • They did port it to the XBOX One as a remaster (and gave it away for free to Castle Crashers 360 owners) so the user base might still be decent, but they couldn’t be bothered getting it classified in Australia so they just claimed it was delayed until people stopped asking about it. =(
          Unless you want local co-op you’re probably better off playing on the PC anyway.

  • Sweet.

    Always wanted to give Goat Simulator a shot, and I’ll be able to play XCOM on the Xbone (traded in that disc a long time ago).

    • I have X-Com on PC but I understand it’s pretty well optimised for controller and wouldn’t mind giving it another crack on 360 via Xbone. Same goes with Goat Simulator. I bought it cheap on steam during a sale but never got around to playing it. Should be a fun little diversion on Xbone as well.

      Also keen to check out The Crew because while I enjoy racing games, it’s usually not enough to actually want to pay for them. As for Super Meat Boy, again, played a little on PC but keen to have it on console.

  • thats a pretty decent line up for GWG, Xcom is a great game, if you can play the expansion on the xbone as well that will be even better.

    Goat simulator is fun for a bit, and im interested in the crew.

    • > if you can play the expansion on the xbone as well that will be even better.

      You can’t. They didn’t release it as an expansion, they released base+expansion as a separate game, which isn’t backward-compatible.

      And because of the weirdness of XBL pricing, the full version is $10 cheaper than the base version (which is still $80!).

      I like the game. I like it a lot. I’ve played a ridiculous amount of it on PC. But if it wasn’t for GWG, I wouldn’t be getting it.

      • Man that is just stupid, the expansion takes the game to a whole new level. Infant its almost like a civ game (apart from civ 1 and 2), its not the real game without the expansion

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