The New Kojima Productions Logo Has A Whole Body, Apparently

You've seen this, no? It's the new Kojima Productions logo (above), which was first shown last December and which shows a skull and some sort of helmet. But that's not all, according to Hideo Kojima.

"I can't really say yet," Kojima recently told Famitsu, "but this logo has a secret. It has a full body, a really cool full body. We're planning on putting out a figure version of it."

After again stressing that the logo's body looks "very cool" Kojima joked, "Couldn't someone make like an anime or something with this character?"

For the time being, fan art will have to suffice.


    I dont mind that Kojima holds on to details about his projects because he always delivers and because of his mystique I really enjoy following him and his work.

      Agreed. He is a man who always does something interesting. It doesn't always work 100% but his kooky intent and execution are very admirable.
      We need people like him and Swery65 who are beacons in a sea of drudgery.

        Check out more indie games, if that's what you're after. Big budget games are likely to be much safer because publishers don't like the risk. It's like Hollywood.

        I'm going to second what @spruppet said, indies are where it's at in just about every medium (except possibly books). Unfortunately they won't have the budget or production values of "AAA" releases, but the sheer style of David Szymanski's The Music Machine for example make up for that and without an overseeing company or huge profit goals, developers like Szymanski can make games about very unusual topics (in The Music Machine you play as the ghost of a 34 year old man seeking to kill the 13 year old girl he has possessed, I can't imagine a big name publisher even making it through that sentence before refusing the idea and firing the person that brought it to the table).

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