Can The Warcraft Movie Just Look Like This Instead?

It's funny, but when I think of the upcoming Warcraft movie, I never really thought of it as being super faithful to the game. The look is different, the aesthetic is different.

But this comparison, which takes footage from the movie and directly compares it to video content made using the game.

Wow. Just wow.

This in-game World of Warcraft footage was created by Ivan Kuzkin a couple of days ago. He decided to put them side-by-side. It looks super good. To the point where I'm like, can the movie just look like the game? Let's just do that.


    That's just scenes from the movie someone recreated in machinima, not from the actual game

      Machinima using the game's assets, by the looks. Which is where I think Mark was coming from.

      For my tastes, I'd prefer there not be a 'live action' Warcraft movie so much as the Blizzard cinematics team be given the job of animating ALL of it. I mean, just watch the intro cinematics to the last half-dozen expansions... there's some top-quality work there.

        Now I just look like a jerk. The article was different when I posted that, I swear!

          i believe you! the original title is still in the url:


    Yeah, we get it, the average person's base observations should be empowered beyond creators' vision (easily evident in trailers), whom should never be given the benefit of doubt. The narrative of modern media consumption.

      It's more that people have always looked at Blizzard's cinematics and thought, "Wow, if only this was a movie." Going back to the early Warcraft/StarCraft days.

      Can't help but feel this is being considered on some level for Overwatch, but anyway.

    I think this movie has garnered more flack than it deserves. It has a great director helming it, but a terrible marketing team. I'm thinking it'll be a sleeper hit (or absolutely garbage if I'm wrong)

      David Bowie's son is directing. There is hope

      I'm getting the impression that it'll be somewhat of a dud in the cinemas, but be a solid after sales product to watch on a rainy day.

      Might not see it at the movies, but I reckon it'll be in the collection at some point.

    Doing my part and going to see this in the movies. The original story was always great, so why not see how they translate it to the big screen?

    Everything ive seen of the movie makes it looks like it will be a massive hit, but the marketing has been down right terrible. Imean for gods sake there wasnt even a trailer shown for it with civil war, Jungle Book, or Deadpool and it gets released early next month. If theres no trailer when Xmen comes out, thats just bloody stupid

      That is a really good point. I did see a trailer at the Civil War screening I went to, but that's about it! Really interested to see how big it is or if it will just pull people in by a combination of digital advertising and word of mouth.

        Don't forget they had a peak playerbase of about 11m. A lot of us will be seeing it, haha.

          Haha. (I think peak was actually 12M active subscribers). That's not peanuts. I think in terms of actual registered, paid accounts, they got over 100 million accounts.

          Even when you rule out banned bots and multi-boxers, let's say shrink it to half, that's still an audience of 50M. You gotta count all the fresh new faces and the folks who never really came back outside of brief returns to check out expansions.

          I have a feeling that the former-WoW-player audience alone will help make this a pretty big release, and whoever's so jilted by their weariness with the game that they won't see it can probably be compensated for by the non-MMO-gamer folks who are just up for a fantasy war on the big screen.

          To put this in context, if every player who had a WoW account goes to see it on opening weekend, and only pays a BUCK, it'll smash records.

          They will pay a lot more than a buck.

          Last edited 09/05/16 12:27 pm

            Yeah I haven't played since t14 and probably won't ever again. Maybe if there's a WoW 2 with updated graphics and whatnot, but I can't see myself ever going back to it, despite how much nostalgia kicks me in the arse whenever i see screen caps and machinima.

            Flying into Hellfire Peninsula for the first time was fucking unreal.

            LOKTAR OGAR.

            Last edited 09/05/16 1:20 pm

              Yeah I haven't played since about August last year, but that next expansion... :D

    When I first heard the movie was coming I thought it was going to be like the opening cinematics, am now disappointed.

    Can't wait for this movie to come, then see all the machinima that does a scene by scene remake.

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