Warcraft Movie Footage Leaks From Comic Con

Warcraft Movie Footage Leaks From Comic Con

Last weekend at Comic Con, the folks behind the Warcraft movie showed off a bunch of footage that was meant to be exclusive to the show. As was inevitable, it’s leaked.

Watch this leaked version quick, before Legendary tries to take it down. Here’s hoping they realise that trying to keep this stuff secret is nonsense and just release an HD version on YouTube.

The Warcraft movie is currently slated for June 2016. It’s based on the first game in Blizzard’s iconic series although it will undoubtedly be packed full of references to World of Warcraft and other entries.

Videos in this article have been removed.


  • And it’s already gone. That was fast. Hopefully whoever’s in charge of this trailer will realise that there’s no adequate reason to try keeping it under wraps.

    • This is the thing I do not understand – what’s the attendance at Comicon? 10-20,000 people maybe – how have these convention people got such an iron grip over exclusivity – they’re worse than the Pirelli calendar or Nintendo in the 80’s!

      Surely the people who promote these films wants as wide an audience as possible to see their stuff? Look at that Batman v Superman trailer last year that was kept under wraps to the non Comicon public for almost a year! What did that achieve I wonder??

      • What did it achieve? Hype. Nothing gets people interested quite like something they’ve been denied. They show it to a bunch of bloggers and folks, get them talking enthusiastically about it and either dropping hints or spoilers and speculating for weeks or months, THEN drop the exact same trailer and let the general public retread the same ground. Weeks or months of free hype for no extra work.

      • According to Wikipedia – San Diego Comic Con has exceeded 130,000 attendees since 2010 – except for 2011 when it was 126,000+. It has seen well over 100,000 per year since 2005. I believe it has not been able to significantly exceed 130,000 due to over crowding issues which are hoped to be somewhat resolved when the new exhibition hall opens next year.

        I have no interest in seeing trailers these days, for anything, but I have to agree that limiting it to Blizz and Comic cons seems a bit odd.

        • Yeah well 130,000 is a lot of people but a drop in the bucket compared to the exposure you’d think they want.

          As for hype it just seems discriminatory to people not in the postcode just makes me want to boycott/ignore their products out of spite

    • Hopefully whoever’s in charge of this trailer will realise that there’s no adequate reason to try keeping it under wraps.

      When you show something at Comic Con you’re essentially releasing it. If you’re not prepared with a HD version ready to go before the footage leaks you’re only hurting the product by introducing it with a crappy cam rip on YouTube. It may not be ideal but when it comes to something huge like this you have to assume Comic Con is the first screening not an exclusive.

  • Saw this last night. It was phenomenal. It’s like it stepped out of a Blizzard game. From Durotan and his wife talking about her being pregnant with a child, to the Orcs being presented as a noble race living in a scarred, dead world and not one of pure savages. Duncan Jones has hit the nail on the head with the tone that’s for sure. When the Dark Portal opened up, DAMN. That was spectacularly good. I can’t wait to see this now. Hoping part 2 and onwards deals with Arthas and his treachery…

  • I was expecting it to be more ‘real’ I guess, or way more stylised, this looks exactly like a video game cut-scene.
    Not necessarily a bad thing, but not what I’d be interested to go see.

    • The video was entirely just the orc side though… There is going to be a human storyline in this as well…. Plus, you’re judging it on footage that is one year from release and recorded on a smartphone at a 45 degree angle…

  • I’m weirdly hyped for this, the thing that separates warcraft from other fantasy games for me is it’s lore so hopefully this isn’t just a mindless action flick but delves in to the backgrounds and characters more.

  • I like it. It looks like WoW brought to life. Sure, it’s heavy on the CGI, but that is what is needed for the Orcs. Unless you hire giant body builders with no acting talent, you couldn’t do Orcs of that size with practical effects without it looking fake as fuck.

  • Saw the clip this morning, and it was pretty damned great. I haven’t touched Warcraft since Warcraft 3, but I’m still itching to see this.

    Duncan Jones can do no wrong. MOON was amazing, and Source Code was loads of fun. This’ll be the movie that squashes the ‘all video game adaptions suck’ thing. Though I’m partial to Mortal Kombat, and the Resident Evil flicks. I still say Silent Hill was a great movie though. Revelations, not so much 😛

    But yeah, really, really eager for this.

  • Awwwww, I really wanna see this teaser 🙁
    I hope it gets leaked again here on Kotaku

  • I’m sick of orcs. I know the Dark Portal is intrinsic for the origin of Warcraft, but still. Blizzard have REALLY overdone the orc thing in game already. You could have humans torturing a troll and some orcs come to rescue it, you could have an ogre bopping a footman, the night elves, etc. I know it’s a short clip and not indicative of the whole movie, but… god orcs are so boring. Look at the original WoW cinematic… something for everyone. Almost.

    Humans/trolls/goblins/gnomes/tauren/night elves/blood elves/dwarves/draenei/worgen/pandaren/orcs… plus everything else in the world. It doesn’t need to be 50%+ orcs.

    And yes I’m alliance and want to go all Red Wedding on them lol

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