A Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Remake Has Been Announced

A Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Remake Has Been Announced

A gorgeous remake of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap has just been announced, and you can watch the whole trailer here. Gosh, it looks good.


  • Im throwing money at the screen. Do you think this will help speed things along?

    The master system with Alex Kid built in was my first console and this was among my first games. Im getting nostalgic all over the place right now. Yes Im old but my mum says Im still cool.

    • I’ll throw money and my first born child at the screen if that helps!

      Loved the original, played it over and over as a kid and sat there watching my dad play it too.

    • “WE5T ONE 0000 0000” will forever be ingrained into my memory! I CANNOT WAIT!!!

  • Yes,yes, 10,000 times yes. Other people had mario. I had wonder boy growing up and this defiantly a great game.

    Now remake Alex kidd in shinobi land. DO IT!!

  • Holy crap, im so fucken excited about this i actually got goosebumps just reading the title BEST NEWS to start the morning!!!

  • Dat music!!!
    So many nostalgia feels!
    Thankyou to the team that’s making this possible. This looks absolutely stunning.
    So many memories of primary school and the SMS/Nintendo wars with my mates. *sigh* Massive GT’s.
    …It has just been pointed out to me by a number of mates that this *isn’t* the Monster Boy game we had our eyes on a few months back. There are 2(!!!!!!!) Wonder Boy 3 remakes in the offing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mjg1s6A6VJ8
    It is a great time to be an ’80s kid 😀

  • Was it this or Monster Land where you could spam the pause button to get heaps of gold. Either way both classic games.

  • Man this is great news!!! Time to rip out the psp w/ sega emulator and play the original version.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE also remake wonderboy in monsterland, my all time favourite of the franchise and I can die happy

  • It looks pretty, but if it’s the same game I don’t see the point.
    The original was already so pretty, you may as well play that.

  • Wow, looks good. I used to smash Wonder Boy on the old Master System, ahh memories.

  • @scree It’s being made by a couple of the guys who did Soul Bubbles! THEY’RE ALIVE APPARENTLY!

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