Bryan Cranston Is The Leader Zordon In The New Power Rangers Movie

It would take a pretty big actor to be the leader of the Power Rangers, and who better than Bryan Cranston? Lionsgate just announced that the award-winning star of Breaking Bad will be playing Zordon in the 2017 film. Zordon is the ultimate foe of Rita (Elizabeth Banks) and the being that helps train the Power Rangers in their battle against her. It's not clear if he'll appear as a large holographic face, like in the TV show, or another form here.

Here are the announcements from Cranston and the official account.

Power Rangers is scheduled for release 24 March 2017 in the US.

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    Fitting, considering his earlier work on the original show.

    Last edited 22/06/16 1:35 pm

    His movie choices have been truly abysmal. Is he purposely picking garbage? He seriously lucked out with Breaking Bad.

    How dare they remake it. Power Rangers was just a really important part of my childhood.

      But the original in its self is a remake, and remade multiple times over.

    Not an announcement I expected to see today, or ever for that matter. Always happy to see more Bryan Cranston though.

    If, as I assume, T or F means 'true or false', somebody needs to tell Cranston's PR team that true or false questions don't typically require an answer other than.. you guessed it, true or false.

    "Say my name."
    "You're Goddamn right!"

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