Introducing Sony's New Virtual Shooter Controller 

Introducing Sony's New Virtual Shooter Controller

This is the PS VR Aim Controller. It might not look realistic, but Sony says it can handle realism better than other VR controllers.

[Image: Sony]

Meaning? According to Sony, the controller's 1:1 direct tracking and aiming means that you can controller the PS VR Aim Controller like you would in real life. Wherever you hold it corresponds to where the controller appears in-game.

The PS VR Aim Controller will be used with the currently-in-development VR title Farpoint.


    Movement on the front hand, dpad at the back. It's exactly the same layout as the wii u zapper I made three years ago, and so much better than the old zapper design.

    Just needs the folding stock with the ads button in it.

    Farpoint looks pretty cool.

      Link? I wanna see this mod :P

        This is the first version, built to get the ergonomics right. It mostly functioned but had some mock up buttons.

        It worked really well in nintendoland's metroid game, lots of fun!

          Haha, totally not what I was expecting.

          Ergonomics on these things are hard. As much as I loved the handcannons for Overkill on Wii, they were just too front-heavy for me so I could move the batteries into the grip instead, made a world of difference.

            I always used the hand cannons two handed, but then I grew up playing hundreds of hours of point blank and time crisis on my psx.

            The reason I didn't go with a front stock was to keep the torque moment from the gamepad as low as possible. This way you can freely tilt the gun to peek around corners, or hold it with just the front hand whole you interact with the touch screen (was thinking about the rts hybrid play of cod bo2, calling killstreaks etc).

            I'm going to revisit this project when my second gamepad arrives. I did make my peripheral interface modular, but it was annoying constantly undoing it to play regular games.

              But if you play two-handed, then you can't dual-wield!

              ...he says even though he only modded one of the guns and never got around to doing the second. And generally used a second hand to rest the first gun anyway.

              Man I loved that game.

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                I still play it, and shall be doing so again on Saturday. Drunk, of course!

                Great music, whack ending, brilliant continuity errors.

                  Oh yeah, another thing I made because of that game!

                  1, 2, 3

                  Was maybe a little bit in love with it :P Never ended up unlocking the ice cream truck though, because I always saw the shotgun as being a cheaty weapon so never wanted to buy it, also as proof I managed to hit all the golden brains without needing it like a couple of my friends did :P

          Hey any chance you have written out instructions on how to make a WiiU Zapper?
          I was always disappointed Nintendo never made one, I want to play COD zombie on the gamepad screen with a zapper and look like an idiot spinning around in my bedroom haha.
          Did it take long to make? Thanks in advance.

          There's a guy on youtube who also created his own WiiU zapper, he even has photos of yours on his video that influenced him.
          Not 100% sure what he is saying as it's in portugese, but it's worth checking out nonetheless.

            He just put his voice over my YouTube video. That's me!


            Also, my mk8 setup using the same gamepad interface:


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            Great prototype

      Looks like a PS Move navigation controller in the front (analogue stick, L1, L2 and d-pad - maybe cross and circle face buttons). At the rear of the device there will likely be face buttons. Looks like the Options/Share buttons will be on the sides. PS button in there somewhere.

    I...I thought I closed that tab. Ahem. Private mode on.

    I personally liked the look of the Move Sharp Shooter, but I cant say I ever got the chance to use one.

    Not a good trailer - the gun tracking is jittery

      The jitter you see when you look at captures of motion controllers are mostly due to a mismatch between capture frequency and rendering.

        That doesn't make sense to me Manu, I thought it would capture exactly what you see through the goggles. But I'm no computer scientist.

          What we get on the 2D screen is different from what the wearer of the headset sees.

          The field of view gets cropped.
          The stereoscopic effect is removed.
          Resolution is downgraded.
          Low latency is irrelevant.
          Sense of scale is removed.
          Frame rate is different.

          Put it this way, if you have something that appears for a very short period of time at only 90 times per second and you only looked at it 60 times per second, you are prone to loose some of those frames.

            Ahh so the frame rate is different, that'll be it then. Thanks for explaining.

    Doesn't look very cool, but I guess you won't see it when you're in game with the headset on.

    Got a Playstation VR pre-order, PS Camera and four Move controllers (cleaned out my local Target the day they announced PSVR), but it looks like I'm gonna have to hunt down a bunch of navigation controllers now as well.

      Yeah, it'll make you look like a tool to anybody else looking at you, but the VR headset will already be doing that anyway, so there's no real drawback to using this as well :P

    Some extra info:
    - it's a controller, not just housing for your Move / Nav.
    - It has its own accelerometers
    - it has another analog stick on the back face of the barrel
    - it currently has no rumble / haptic feedback (a huge oversight, imho).

    Road to VR has a hands-on with Far Point and the Aim which goes into more detail regarding movement and accuracy.
    This controller/game is my favourite E3 announcement thus far.

      I completely agree about not having haptic feedback. I think it'll be sorely missed.

      It has haptic feedback built in according to this;

        I was stoked to see this. Hopefully the feedback is more than just simple rumble motors. The haptics in the Vive controllers is amazing and I'd love to see that level of attention paid to how the Aim reacts to in-game stimuli.

        They need to be powerful enough that I feel like the weapons I'm using actually have some grunt behind them.

    Not great to look at but why make it pretty when you will have VR goggles clamped to your head anyway?

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