Shovel Knight Is Still Getting A Ton Of Free Stuff

Two years after blowing everyone away with the buttery retro platformer Shovel Knight, the developers at Yacht Club Games just won't stop releasing free new stuff. First there was the Plague Knight campaign, and now they're showing off the playable version of Specter Knight, a shadowy villain who can climb and dash in mid-air. (Both Plague Knight and Specter Knight were bosses in the original Shovel Knight campaign.) The devs also say they have a campaign for King Knight and a gender-swapping mode on the way, as well as a competitive multiplayer mode.

Also: It's all free! Free! In the wake of recent Kickstarter disasters like the mediocre Mighty No. 9 and the disappearing Unsung Story, here's a helpful reminder that crowdfunding has also led to some of the best games of this generation.


    The epicness of my Shovel Knight pledge cancels out the failness of my Mighty No.9 pledge and adds some. Still waiting for my key :( Last time I back anything in kickstarter.

    More like Shovel Shit is getting a ton of free shit.

      I love Shovel Knight, but good on you for having an opinion.

      As much as it might seem like it, this is not sarcasm.

    I can't believe they're still pumping out content for this, and for free. You'd think by now the game would have more or less reached saturation point, and they'd be better off working on a sequel or something instead.

      Damnit Gooky, hush up or they might hear you! I like my free content!

    OK, I'm just gonna come out right now and say I don't get it.

    I heard so many people raving about this game, so I bought it, played it, and thought it was garbage. Found it dull to play, ugly to look at and so utterly painful to listen to that I actually had to mute the sound completely.

    What am I missing?

      It captures what games were like back in the late 80's whilst still being playable. It's not easy either this and Volgarr the Viking are probably the two toughest games I own and I have all the Dark Souls games!

    Plague knight....I didn't dig. Hope this next one is more my bag.

    Main game is tops!

      Cool! I thought it was just me who really disliked Plague Knight, despite Shovel Knight being one of my favourite games of all time.

        Yeah, I likes jumpins not throwins

    Worth noting that the game is getting an official physical release for Vita too!!

      Is that coming out everywhere or just one of those limited things?

      I can't afford it atm :-/

    Its a limited thing, but its not from Limited Run games

    They are taking pre-orders for an October release. So if you order now, you are guaranteed a copy of the game (not like LRG where you have to stalk and hope). You got a few months until release but best to get your order is as soon as you can :)

    Edit: reply for @jimu

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