Shovel Knight Is Coming To Switch, Getting A New Structure And Price

Shovel Knight will be released on the Nintendo Switch. The popular platformer is also getting a slew of additional modes as well as new name and price.

That's a buff looking Shield Knight!

Yacht Club Games outlined their plans in a blog post today. Shovel Knight will be updated into a new version called Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. Players who own the original title will have their copy upgraded to the new version for free. It will contain the main game, the Plague Knight campaign Plague of Shadows and the new Specter of Torment campaign featuring Specter Knight.

The original campaign will now be known as 'Shovel of Hope'

After the upgrade to Treasure Trove, new players who did not own the game will have to purchase previous campaigns separately. The game's price will also be increasing an unspecified amount in autumn. If the restructuring seems confusing, that's because it kind of is.

Less confusing and far more welcome are the upcoming additions to the game. A gender-swapping Body Swap Mode will change the genders of characters like Shovel Knight and Shield Knight. Co-Op mode, previously an exclusive to Wii U users with Shovel Knight amiibos, will also be coming to all platforms.


    This is good news.

    Nintendo/Iwata in interviews and Directs continually mentioned supporting existing Wii U owners for as long as feasible in the face of the dire situation the console found itself in, this could be seen as an extension of that.

    I'm not expecting too many others to engage in this sort of behaviour (where muh free shit!?) but hey, I'll support the devs that do.

    I really support them in bringing the price up and selling the other content on the side, they have put in so much content that wasn't asked of them that they deserve to make a bit more money off of it, the fact that there are still 2 more free expansions after Spectre Knight's campaign is crazy and i'll probably buy the game again on switch (i own it on PC) just to give them some more love, they totally deserve it.

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