Star Ocean V’s Camera Is So Bad, I Can’t Play It Without Getting Sick

Star Ocean V’s Camera Is So Bad, I Can’t Play It Without Getting Sick

The fifth Star Ocean comes out July 1, and if you get motion sickness easily, you probably shouldn’t play it. Here’s a video I shot walking around a field in Star Ocean V: Integrity and Faithlessness without touching the right joystick. I didn’t manually move the camera at all. Just for kicks, I also set all the sensitivity options to the lowest end of the slider. PS4 version, if you’re curious.

Granted, I can be a little sensitive when it comes to these things. (I also can’t read in cars.) But even YouTube agrees with me:

It’s too bad. I would have loved to play more.


  • Man, I always feel like a freak when I see people complaining about this stuff that has no affect on me.

  • Well no effect here so even if all Im hearing is that its an average by the book game Im still looking forward to it. Loved all the Star Oceans and only something truely terrible will change that opinion come friday.

  • Genuine question here – but what exactly is bad about the camera?

    That it doesn’t snap behind the character automatically just using the left stick?
    That it goes off-centre?

    • I think that it collides with the terrain is what is bothering him. I could see it being annoying, but not really nausea-inducing(?)

    • Yeah a little hard to see, but the article would be referring to the small jerky up and down bobs of the camera.

    • That bobbing up and down with every change in the terrain while the character continues over it smoothly. View bob can give some people terrible motion sickness.

  • Don’t worry, new technology like Occulus Rift will nullify camera issues and motion sickness once and for all.

  • I don’t get it. The camera doesn’t bother me at all. I’ll be picking this up Friday.

    I also can’t read in a car.

  • The camera is so bad I can’t believe they let this game out of the gate like this. Has anyone who commented here actually played the game? It’s beyond atrocious.

  • I think you need help, Jason. That gave me 0 problems other than slight interest in buying the game!

  • It’s probably very different between viewing and playing but I suspect the issue lies in that the camera seems to pan very slowly to catch up to where the character is looking which could disorient the player. Usually, 3rd person games lock the view to look where the head of the character is looking, so there’s a direct and immediate response between the movement on the controller and the movement of the characters.

  • Yeah.. I can’t see the problem here… It’s no different to the other Star Ocean games or even the Tales of series?
    Also, PS4 version? I wasn’t aware it was coming out on anything else?

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