Star Wars Battlefront Brings Lando To The Cloud City Of Bespin

It's almost a little bit tragic how quickly players abandoned Star Wars Battlefront, because there's so much potential, so a broad universe to explore.

In a sense EA and DICE have themselves to blame. Battlefront really did launch bereft of content. But I look at this: the Bespin digital expansion. It has Cloud City, the spot where Darth froze Han in carbonite and Lando Calrissian as a playable character. It looks phenomenal, but people most likely won't bother.

It's so strange. Star Wars Battlefront, you'd think, had to be a sure thing. But here we are, everyone's playing Overwatch, everyone's looking towards Battlefield 1.


    Yes, Lando's witty & suave nature ales him the perfect fit for the first next gen conversation sim.

    Finally we can all stop wishing for KotOR III!

      I hope one of his abilities involves drinking a refreshing Colt 45 "works everytime!"

    I traded my copy in to EB last night. It's a shame though, seeing the cut content being released as DLC, I feel like I would have stayed on and played this with all my friends for longer than a few weeks

    completely agree with everything. Except i still play it at least once a week and still have no problems getting matches.

      I play it on PS4 every time there's a double xp event, and yeah, it seems to be active. Certain game modes don't seem that active, though. I've unlocked every star card, reached rank 60, and still want to unlock the leftover customisation options.

      I really love it. It feels good to play, unlocks are not that hard to get, and the different game modes tickle very different buttons. Cargo is great close range combat and walker assault is great big maps, and then Heroes vs Villains is a really fun hero shooter.

      I'm in the 40 ranks in Overwatch and I've kinda gotten over it. Considering the matches in that game are only like 5 minutes long, I feel like I've played far too much of it, and the rewards just don't come fast enough. I enter a match, groan that everyone is a tjolbjorn or no one is healer or support, do really well, watch an atrocious play of the day of a tjollborn hammering a turret, and if I get an unlock it's some crap I already got and a negligible amount of in-game cash. It's gotten a little disappointing.

    It is a bit sad, I think they catered a little too much for a casual crowd. The game looks and sounds brilliant but you nailed it @serrels it launched with minimal content, that and they are already talking sequel. Force awakens as an add on was a huge missed opportunity, I'm still glad we got a battlefront it's just not the definitive game we were all hoping for

      It wasn't battlefront we got, it was Call of Duty: Star Wars.

      But as everyone said, they wanted a movie tie in that everyone could play. Not a strategic big game that might sell less. Let's hope Battlefield 1 can be modded to be the battlefront we want :)

    Players abandoned it because it had absolutely zero depth. Once the initial thrill of all that Star Wars stuff wore off, there just wasn't enough in the game itself to keep people playing. If they'd basically put a Star Wars skin onto BF4's gameplay, it could have been great. But they obviously felt that they needed to simplify it to appeal to the mass market Star Wars audience. Which does make sense from a commercial point of view, but the end result is a game that is all style and no substance.

    It's not even the lack of content - I didn't stop playing due to the small number of maps, I stopped playing because what I was doing on those maps wasn't particularly interesting.

    I'm not really sure where they can go with a sequel... they've already done the iconic battles from the original trilogy, I doubt there's the same amount of demand for a prequel trilogy one, and (depending on when they want to release it) there haven't been enough sequels yet to get much content out of those, either.

      Yeah. Content had it's problems but I stopped playing before I got sick of the content. Things just got dull fast.

    Sweet, I can spend money to play nobody in this game.

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    You only get to make launch impressions once.

    Unless you go early access as a soft launch and then re-launch 'officially' when you've sorted your shit out.

    Even the most basic of single player campaigns would have made it worth buying for me.

      Second this. All I wanted in a new battlefront was a single player option. I've played the survival mode to death and loved every minute of it.
      The game is amazing, it is everything a Star Wars game needs to be in terms of look and feel.
      I don't regret the purchase, I just hope they listen to the feedback for the next one.

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