Battlefront's New Update Made Lando Calrissian Unstoppable 

Star Wars: Battlefront just released its Rogue One: Scarif DLC. It adds new heroes, n additional game mode, and also managed to turn Lando into the toughest hero in the galaxy. Step aside, Jedi and Sith. Billy Dee Williams is here to save the day.

The key to Lando's newfound success isn't a deal with the Empire but what appears to be a glitch. Lando has an ability called Power Blast. It allows him to do up to six time the damage of a normal blaster shot. It also homes in on enemies. With the latest patch, Lando can bypass the cooldown on this ability. Which means that anyone in his way gets utterly wrecked. Watch how quickly he disposes of other heroes in this video from MrPimpkeens.

"Lando is broken after the last patch and can destroy the enemy villains in a few seconds if used correctly," Battlefront expert Elliot Fältström told me.

Fältström manages the popularBattlefrontUpdates YouTube account."It also seems like [power blast] is more powerful than before," he noted. Heck, Lando's so powerful that he can just kill himself fast, as noted by Reddit user Cackly Rabbit:

For folks worried about the new, crushing Lando meta, Battlefront Hero Designer made the following Tweet:

It seems Lando's time at the top won't last very long. Enjoy it while you can, Mr. Calrissian. DICE is altering the deal. Pray that they don't alter it further.


    Wait, so you're telling me the best character in Star Wars is the best character in Star Wars Battlefront?

    I'd have thought this was working as intended then.

    And yet they still haven't cast him for any upcoming star wars movies...WTF

    I just want to know why the texture on his cloak vanishes in the gif. For some reason I find it disconcerting.

    Is there anyone left to play the new DLC? I downloaded the 4 hour trial a few months ago and spent almost 3 of those hours just waiting in queue....

    Nice ending to the article! (I heard that awesome pitch and respirator in the delivery naturally!)

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