Surprise: Adventures Of Mana Appears On Vita

Here's a nice little surprise for RPG fans who don't like touch controls: Adventures of Mana, the Final Fantasy Adventure remake that came out earlier this year for smartphones, is now on Vita. Square Enix decided to surprise-release the port yesterday afternoon with no fanfare or advance warning. It will cost you $20.95. I haven't played this version, but on iOS it's excellent.


    Argh! I have just enough on my account. Was this supposed to be good?

    CC @negativezero

      Why me?

      The only really good Mana game was the one we never got in English, Seiken Densetsu 3.

        Damn, that was SUCH a good game!
        Thank GOODNESS for translated roms!

        Who else? I just watched a review & it looks really basic, being a GameBoy remaster.

          It's a vita port of an iphone game. I assume it's mediocre at best.

            Chaos Rings is great but yeah, 99% of this sort of thing isn't :-/

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