Even Square Enix Has Given Up On Vita In The West

Even Square Enix Has Given Up On Vita In The West

This morning, Square Enix announced some new information for the Western release of I Am Setsuna, the gorgeous RPG they announced last year at E3. The good news: it will be out this winter. The bad news: no Vita. Setsuna, which came out last month for PS4 and Vita in Japan, is a Chrono Trigger-inspired role-playing game by a new studio called Tokyo RPG Factory. It will be a digital release for PS4 and PC (via Steam) in the West — no Vita — joining Adventures of Mana on the list of Square games that came out for Vita in Japan but not here.

Such a shame. The Vita is a killer JRPG machine — it's really too bad Sony murdered it.


    I don't understand why they wouldn't bother. Release it digital-only. The bulk of the localization costs are going to be paid for regardless, surely, and this sort of game is pitched exactly at the demographic that seems to buy games on the Vita the most.

      Yeah, doesn't make much sense to me. The localization needs to be done anyway for the PS4 version (assuming they're actually the same game and the Vita version isn't some kind of separate parallel / spin-off type game?), and the game itself is already done.

      Oh well, at least I've still got the PS4 option if I decide I want it.

    My friends treat their Vitas like glorified Ouyas, packed full of roms and emulators.

    Great, I'll keep buying all the ATLUS & Falcom releases.

      This, Falcom and Atlus are single-handedly the best at keeping this handheld alive in the west.
      If only other Japanese (and western developers) were keen to keep the console going here.

        I wish more companies made smaller version of big IP.
        GameBoy used to get a version of almost everything & Advance had stuff like the isometric version of Tony Hawk.

        I guess handhelds sit in the perfect development costs range now that's too much compared to the GameBoy days. :-(

        What I thought would work, was more ports of ps2/Xbox1 era titles. Imagine Morrowind on Vita.

        I also got a lot of mileage out of Duke Nukem 3D, they could port all sorts of older PC titles that were too powerful for a console release back in the day.

          Yeah, this would be great. You would probably see more of this if the console could be loaded with CFW (cutom firmware) like the PSP did. Those kind of games are the type i would see modders port / emulate to the system.

          We are still getting pretty good console ports to the vita such as J-stars and one piece games, so thats something.

        Don't forget NIS, they're bringing a lot of games our way as well.

          Indeed they're. The only problem with NiS games is that they're usually too hardcore for most to get into (disgaea etc).

            Yeah, I can't keep up :-/

    JRPGs and indie games are pretty much the dominant market on Vita right now so it's really interesting that Square has chosen to do this because they're more or less turning their back on the prime market. Especially since they said they were considering bringing Adventures of Mana to Vita in the West earlier in Feburary. Maybe this is another case of "Wait until everyone makes a noise then look like we're doing something nice".

    Pretty bummed out it's digital-only :'(
    Also seems like a really strange decision to not release the vita version. These are the exact kind of niche titles that vita fans such as myself buy. I was planning on double dipping and picking up physical copies of both ps4 + psVIta. But I guess I won't be doing that now.
    Not even sure I will pick up the PS4 copy without a physical release. At least not at full price. I will probably be busy playing other games and seeing as there is no risk of losing out on a physical copy there isn't any reason for me to buy day 1. Shame.

    ffs.... i love my Vita i want more games to play on it :(

    ffs.... i love my Vita i want more games to play on it :(

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