I Am Setsuna Is Chrono Trigger In Everything But Name

Video: It's not clear why Square Enix isn't making new Chrono games, but hey, at least there's I Am Setsuna, which will be out for PS4 and Steam on July 19. Check out the new trailer! In their press release today, Square was quick to note that the battle system is inspired by Chrono Trigger. The new trailer is full of those classic JRPG vibes, too — check out the piano arpeggio at 1:54! This is so my jam.


    I honestly thought the header image was from where you fight Magus/he joins you

      naw, when Crono dies and you can resurrect him with the Crono doll

      Last edited 25/05/16 7:40 pm

    Ahh, cool. A new time travelling game with art by Akira Toriyama & made by a dream team of industry veterans?


    I Am Setsuna Is Chrono Trigger In Everything But Name And story, that's Final Fantasy X's. Oh, and the characters are completely different, the music style is different, there's no time travel that we know of, and the locations are different too. So if by everything you mean just the battle system then yes, everything but name. /snark

    Snarkiness aside, constantly comparing this to Chrono Trigger is only going to disappoint everyone when they find it's not Chrono Trigger which then taints their opinions of what is looking to be an excellent JRPG in its own right.

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