The Enduring Legacy Of Pikachu's Butt

As far as Pokémon rears go, Pikachu has one of the most beloved butts around. [Image via an7pikapi]

While there has been a line of Pocket Monster butt merch that feature other tushes, more than any other character's, Pikachu's rear has garnered the most interest in Japan, with fans continuing to point out how "adorable" it is.

Pikachu butt goods are extra cute because they make it look like Pikachu is digging a hole, trying to squeeze under something or whatever.

The obsession with Pikachu's backside isn't new. It's been around a few years. Way back in 2012 (or before), for example, you started seeing more and more Pikachu butts in bento boxes. This wasn't a major lunchtime trend, but it did become part of the character bento lexicon.

Some people have made Pikachu butt cookies.

You could eat Pikachu buns, ahem, buns at the Pikachu Cafe.

The comparison somebody had to make.

This cat knows what's up.

A chocolate drink. Let's not go there, m'kay?

All this led to the inevitable Pikachu butt cushion.

And then, the Pikachu butt purse.

The Pikachu butt beverage coaster and drink charms.

When will people stop being interested in Pikachu's butt?

Never. Pikachu butt is forever.


    How come when Pikachu's butt uses Thunder it's acceptable but when I do it I get told I should check for follow-through.

    If you frequent the less reputable corners of the internet then you know pikachu doesn't even make top 10 pokemon butts.

      Could you please elaborate your comment further?

        you're really better off not knowing :P

    I can't believe Kotaku would publish an article celebrating the vulgar objectification of Pikachu. Notice how in the image he is disempowered, trapped by a window, and the viewer's gaze is drawn towards his butt in an obvious attempt to present it as nothing more than an object for the amusement of the presumed-male viewer. #triggered

    My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hun!

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