Are You Ready For The World Of Warcraft: Legion Pre-Patch?

Are You Ready For The World Of Warcraft: Legion Pre-Patch?

Tomorrow Blizzard applies most of the major mechanical changes of Legion to World of Warcraft, giving players six weeks to get used to the new stuff before the expansion pack launches on August 30. What's your plan of attack? Aside from levelling a gnome hunter, that is. I just gave away the vast majority of my pre-expansion plans right there. I'm all about the gnome hunter, hoping the character race I love the most will be able to carry me to greater heights in a class I've never really gotten a grasp of. As long as I've got that "/train" emote, I'll never get bored.

In case "/train" fails me (it probably won't), I'll likely dig up my level 90 mage and make the push to 100, refreshed by the new spell and combat animations coming to the game. The fine folks over at WowHead have a convenient YouTube playlist showing off how each class' showing off will change tomorrow.

In fact, the WowHead folks have a pretty good rundown of the major character, loot and mechanic changes arriving in tomorrow's update, from new druid animal models to weapon enchant illusions.

Meanwhile Blizzard, the folks making the game, have published a survival guide to the pre-expansion patch, detailing all the new things and what to do with them.

As the August 30 release of the Legion expansion approaches, Azeroth with slowly begin being invaded by the demonic hordes. Soon demon hunters will be available to preorder customers. Finally we'll take the battle against the demons to the Broken Shore, an army of demon hunters and gnomes.

So, what are your plans? Aside from not playing. If you're not playing, commenting on this article just to say that would be silly.


    I resubbed after Nost shut down, remembered why I unsubbed in the first place and haven't been back since.... They still collect my money per month tho... better jump back on and do something I guess. This xpac might be the reason I get back into WoW more often. Still hoping for a Vanilla server though.

      My guess is they'll announce progression servers at Blizzcon.

    I'm most excited about the hidden action cam

    This feature is bringing me back to WoW after an 18 month absence because it's basically going to make low level adventuring feel like a brand new game.

    So, what are your plans? Aside from not playing. If you’re not playing, commenting on this article just to say that would be silly.
    Even so... Good luck.


    I'm still subbed, but have been giving it a break. Still no Draenor flying... rep grind wore me out too quickly. Haven't even unlocked all of Tanaan's story yet, just not feeling it. It'd be nice if there were some sort of 'late to the party' mode that let you chain up all the dailies you missed so that you don't have to have been completing a regular chore and could instead binge. I binge most things I do these days, the 'daily commitment' is a turn-off.

    Keeping the client updated, though.
    I'm definitely going to jump in once the Demon Hunters are available. Maybe give my Blood DK main a bit of a spin after pre-patch lands just to get a feel for the changes so I'm competent when launch rolls around, compare with the DH and see which to main for launch.
    ...Unless the DH is as independently survivable for soloing ridiculous things as the Blood DK, I don't see my main changing. No matter how awesome DHs look.

      I wonder who would win in a "solo ridiculous things" battle between hunters and dk's.
      I did solo the sha of anger at around ilvl 630.

        Hunter. It allows for the pet to wear the MC effects or whatever without resetting the fucking mob. Pure survivability? DK. It's just those fucking gimmick mechanics that fuck us. Have to dick around with ghouls and shit.

        Awh nuts.

        I just read a couple summaries of the changes in Legion and the general consensus is that Blood DKs have taken a huge solo survivability nerf.

        God dammit. This is heartbreaking news.

          Ah bugger. The DH might get more of a look in then I guess.

            Yep. :/ Well. They are very pretty. So there's that, I guess.

    Have had a wicked time in PvP with a friend. New animations and class changes may persuade me to level another character for the hell of it (I have gone through the 1-100 levelling process almost 15 times now :X)
    I flat-out uninstalled the game after MoP, and wasn't fond of Draenor until the final patch gave me a bit of hope, though the fact that there was a massive drought of content for over a year afterwards was awful considering we're all paying a monthly fee. I am glad they have acknowledged this.

    Fury warrior, Holy Paladin and Fire Mage, here we go!!

      Fire Mage is a thing?

      I've been gone too long.

        Yeah fire mages have been reworked for legion; aka been buffed. I think almost of the classes have received minor/major overhauls. Hunters being one of the most affected.

        Funnily enough I have played my fire mage ever since WotLK despite some unsavory changes. I was never a fan of combustion's mechanics for example, but at least now it's a simple DPS cooldown. I'm still getting accustomed to some very minor rotation changes, but am enjoying it so far. Always found arcane not to my taste, nor frost (though admittedly they look quite fun, again not my style of gameplay).

          So it no longer gets pumped by the destro-lock?

            Haven't had a chance to try PvP yet. Probably still does, with where warlocks are at right now. My ping on the PTR didn't help PvP much so I've saved most of it for when the prepatch hits.

    Pre-patch is definitely going to reinvigorate the game for me. Looking forward to transmog collecting and ret pally changes.

      Oh, will transmog changes be in the prepatch? Oh man, if that's the case, I am so in.

      Improvements to transmog is legit one of the major highlights of the expansion for me.

        all systems changes are going live with the patch so transmog system included. you will sadly have to rebuy all dozen tabards you might have vendored (mostly Wrath ones for me) but it does mean you can go farm old content to your hearts desire

          Not even kidding, this is the one thing that will absorb the majority of my time, pre-launch.

        Yup! My partner and I are very keen on the wardrobe system. Gonna start collecting appearances straight away, after a massive bank/bag cleanout! Tinkered with it a bit on the PTR, certainly one of my favourite features even though it doesn't really affect gameplay. Everything that is soulbound to you is automatically added, and they're supposed to add every completed quest reward immediately as well.

        Last edited 19/07/16 1:39 pm

          That last part sounds amazing. A few pieces are unique to certain quests and I'd resigned myself to being forever locked out of those sets due to idiotically selling them to vendors after the quests.

            100% agreed. Some really cool-looking gear I have held onto but a lot of it (especially gear obtained ages ago) I have likely sold. I like that it also gives you every quest reward, including stuff you may not have selected. I know that on more than a few of my characters, I have simply chosen the item with the highest gold value if there wasn't an upgrade, which was more often the case with heirlooms.

          Did you horde salvage crates?

            I most certainly have! Though not for the right reasons probably. For a while since I had completed raiding I resigned to just logging in to complete garrison missions on 10 alts, my only other activity would be to stand in that spot for the PvP queue, haha. So I was too lazy to make repeated trips to the salvage yard, hence a buttload of crates on each character >.

        Yep. SOOOOOOOOOOO MANY salvage boxes to open tomorrow. New transmogs galore!

      I read not great things about ret pally changes. I have one at 100, not sure if i'll play it, my boomkin, or my rogue (or a DH) for legion though.

    Gonna wait till Demon Hunters are available. Don't see there being enough to do to keep one occupied for a month and a half.

    Where are the legion beta key giveaway results?

      Still sorting that out. There's a lot to sift through.

        I don't envy you. I recently conducting a training exercise that ended up with about 650+ responses for booking training times, and it took me the better part of two weeks to slog through it all.

          oh goody that means i still have a chance of getting a key

          edit: last i check there were 640 comments but that was on saturday

          Last edited 19/07/16 2:06 pm

        Just a note about the competition, Looking through the comments i noticed a fair amount of spam ones which where all guest accounts with the a random name and then a number. I can highly assume someone mad all these guest accounts to get keys so they can resell them on ebay,

        Make sure you give keys to actual entries or dont give any to guest accounts

        As you can see in the screenshot, They are all guest accounts and the each make comments 1 minute after each other. and there are pages of them

          We're fully aware. It's why things are taking a while, to be blunt.

            Alright cool, Glad to know you guys are on top of it :)

    I re-subbed last night after a year off. No idea where to start.... so much crap in my bags to sort through =(
    I was really bored so I thought i'd jump back in but seeing how much housekeeping i have to do just to start questing again is putting me off.

      best to jump in tomorrow when the patch is live, that will give 2-3 weeks max before the legion events begin so you can get used to the changes of the classes. Also Demon Hunters wont be available until the 16th of august at the latest ( they are go live when the events actually kick off)

        Do I need to bother with any of the Tanaan Jungle stuff?
        I stopped playing just before the Naval battles patch which released that whole zone.
        Don't have Dreanor flying yet either.

          Draenor flying isn't necessary, but takes around 20 days of doing a handful of dailies to get, along with some more specific achievements.
          You don't really need to bother with any of it, or tanaan though.

          Also, if you've got a boatload of cash, you can buy some consumables off the AH which give rep. Insignia of the something something.

    yes and no, it all depends really if you want to fly as tanann. But like i also said the invasion events wont happen for at least a week or two so doing unlocking tanann will be a nice way to test out class changes

    Edit: this was ment to be a response to @Inquisitorsz

    Last edited 19/07/16 2:27 pm

    I haven't played WoW since the lvl 60 cap. Once battlegrounds was introduced I kinda felt the game lost too much of what I enjoyed about it... basically the higher probability of trying to cash in a quest in a town, only to see it's being attacked by the enemy faction. Having 'battlegrounds' just sorta happening in the actual game world rather than instanced was something I really liked.

    I'm just wondering, does that sort of thing still happen much? I've been tempted to hop back in to see what's up but haven't been keen to pay up; unless there's a free trial or something...

    I'm going to re-Sub after the patch hits. Going to use the time to get a few of my lower ilvl characters up to snuff to run in Legion (My Druid & Rogue need the most work). Going into Legion with anything less than an ilvl of 700-710 is looking to make things harder than they should be from what I've seen in the Beta.

    I'm also hoping to jump into whatever end of beta stuff that usually happens at that stage.

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