Real-Life LEGO Minifig Cosplay Is An Abomination

Video: Watch as the fine folks from Tested take one of my favourite things in the whole world and transform it into endless nightmare. The real-life Lego minifig mask is the work of special effects artist Frank Ippolito, who's apparently been wanting to do this for ages. He and Tested's Norman Chan then took to San Diego Comic-Con, annoying cosplayers and scaring small children. And if you think the face is creepy, wait until you see the hands. Oh god the hands.


    If Lego made a minifigure of this life size minifigure, I'd totally buy it ;p

    wonder if it will be less creepy if the head was yellow

    can't say much about the hands though

    "Oh god the hands" . . . . Moron. Have you heard of the yummy Alex Brooker?? You better ring him and APOLOGISE.

    Clip on plastic wig would have just topped this bad boy off!

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