Preorder LEGO City Undercover For The Wii U, Get An Exclusive Minifig

It's never too early for preorder bonuses! At today's Nintendo event it was announced that folks that put their money down on the Wii U's LEGO-powered launch game will secure an exclusive minifig, which is all LEGO fans really need to know.

The minifig in question is of Rex Fury, the evil criminal mastermind you'll be tasked with tracking down in LEGO City Undercover, but that's not important right now. What's important is that it's a figure you can only get for preordering the game. What the game is about or indeed, who the minifig portrays? Details. Bah.


    Does anyone else want a open world minecraft style lego game were u just build stuff and run around as a lego guy and build and drive stuff?

      So basically minecraft, but with cars? Give it time, Minecraft'll probably have those soon enough.

      No thanks for the Minecraft bit, but yes for the Lego part.

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