The Gantz CG Anime Continues To Look Great

The Gantz CG Anime Continues To Look Great

Video: Nice work. This keeps looking very, very promising.

[GIF via Toho Animation]

Previously, we got a short glimpse of the upcoming Gantz:O. Now, we get a longer one, and damn, it’s difficult not to get excited.

The movie is based on the Osaka chapters, and it will hit Japanese theatres on October 14. No word yet on an international release.


  • Erggg Gantz is one of those manga that really hit their stride just before halfway and then went bat shit silly by the end. It became some story about killing immigrants and was a little too preachy.

        • He is talking about the manga… It just kind of ends. You might find it satisfying, but I bet a lot of people were just like wtf is the point of the last ten chapters and why have these aliens that literally just landed decided they are going to eat us… and we are somehow meant to empathise with them.

          It was a pretty weak ending; I mean it was less bitter sweet than most, but still… WHY?

          • Agreed. Having recently read it all, I was bored with the last arc and the cliched Alien Invasion story line. The Vampire story line went nowhere after all the build up too. Other actions and arcs for characters went unopposed and unfinished.

            It all started well and insane but then teetered off by the Osaka arc – even that was over the top and boring by that stage.

  • That is deep in the uncanny valley for me. Some shots look extremely realistic but something’s just not quite right, especially with the faces, and it’s a little unsettling.

    Then again, maybe a visual style that’s a little unsettling is appropriate for the tone of the story.

    • I agree with you. I don’t think I like it. I really liked the original series (own the DVD’s even) but this 3D… videogamey video style isnt my cuppa tea. I skip the cutscenes in 90% of games as it is, let alone watching a big long one.

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