The Legends Of The Hidden Temple Movie Trailer Needs More Olmec

If you're gonna make us watch a minute and a half of children running around fake temples, you've got to give us a giant talking stone head. That was the deal with The Legends of the Hidden Temple game show, Nickelodeon, and it still stands.

Image via Bleeding Cool

Seeing host Kirk Fogg playing himself is lovely, and I'm all about differently-coloured jungle animals, but come on. We all know why we'll be tuning in this fall under the pretense of introducing our children to something we watched when we were younger. It's all about Olmec. Hell, your Comic-Con booth gets it.

And are you kidding me with the Fallout Boy? Dammit, Nickelodeon. Next trailer better be a two-minute Olmec monologue or want my TV movie money back.


    I used to watch this show when i was a kid, twas good times so thanks Foxtel =)

    Movie looks alright.

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