Top Smash Bros. Player Loses Sponsorship After Allegedly Groping Woman While She Slept

High-profile Super Smash Bros. player Cristian "Hyuga" Medina lost his team and sponsorship Sunday at Evo 2016 after allegedly touching another player's body while she slept. Photo via Smashboards

Victoria "VikkiKitty" Perez, who streams and commentates on several games including Smash, said Sunday that Medina groped her several times while she was sleeping in her hotel room in Las Vegas on Saturday night. Her boyfriend had invited Medina there because he needed a place to stay, she said.

"I fell asleep next [to] my boyfriend on the bed and I woke up to Cristian in between my boyfriend and I, rubbing against me and sliding his hands up my shirt and another down my pants," Perez said on Twitter, adding that she then switched to a different bed only for him to follow her and grope her again. "15 minutes pass and I have still not fallen back asleep before Hyuga slides between the person I was on the bed with and tries to do it once again before Nick Riddle woke up and kicked him out of the room."

(You can read her full statement here.)

Shortly afterwards, the Smash group VGBootcamp, which recently started sponsoring Medina, announced that they were dropping him from their team. "After talking to all parties and witnesses involved we believe that these accusations are true," the group said in a statement. "Although he was heavily intoxicated during the incident there is absolutely no excuse for his actions."

Medina, a player from Mexico who has been on the rise in pro Smash, reportedly said in a direct message to another player, Nick Riddle, that he didn't remember anything from that night. "[I'm] not a bad person just drunk im so so so sorry," Medina reportedly said. He has since deleted his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Perez said she has no plans to pursue legal action.

"I didn't know if I wanted to make this post but everyone felt I needed to only to prevent future incidents like this from happening ever again," she said. "Please be careful with anyone, regardless of friend or acquaintance."


    I call bullshit!

      Thank you for your nuanced and well though out response. Care to back it up with why you believe so?

        My guess he is from that camp that automatically label these accusations as lies.

        There is no logic and reason to be found.

      I agree, there's no proof he was drunk when he groped her.

    It can be really scary for a woman to react in this kind of situation because you can't be sure if they guy is gonna just snap and murder you. It happens all the bloody time.

    Although he was heavily intoxicated during the incident there is absolutely no excuse for his actions.
    Spot on.
    Hopefully the community has the sense to continue standing by a policy of zero tolerance on sexual assault.

    "I'm not a bad person". Yes, you are! Starting a sentence like that means you know it too.

    "I'm not a racist..." Always ends in a racist comment.

    I mean, sure, these accusations sound like they're true. But, what happened to innocent until proven guilty? You can't just say "I think this actually happened therefore it DID happen".

      I sincerely hope you post this comment on EVERY news story on this site covering alleged wrongdoing.

      And not just the rapey ones.

      Because that would be a problem.

      In other news, a 'what about innocent until proven guilty?????' post within the first 10 comments on a male-initiated sexual assault story.

      *ticks box*

      Last edited 19/07/16 11:27 am

        Oh hey some one stating that trial by social media is 100% acceptable and that any one trying to make a counter argument must be rape enabling, rather than say choosing to wait for evidence before judging some one.

        While putting down rabid MRAs is the lords work, dont do it in a conveniently blind manner.

        Last edited 19/07/16 12:07 pm

          Oh hey aren't you one of the OTHER guys who does that? Why yes, you are.

          Pointing out the simplicities of the justice system isn't a 'counter argument'.

          There is no need for a 'counter argument' as there isn't actually an argument.

          Allegations have been made, with support provided by a number of witnesses.

          Commentary has been provided in the form of a warning to 'be careful'.

          Any legal action is pending.

          That's what people are commenting on.

          If you have some equally compelling evidence that would suggest it wasn't sexual assault, then by all means introduce that as a 'counter argument' and probably notify the authorities.

          But until then, people are more than free to comment on the compelling evidence currently before them.

          And my point still stands.

          There's a remarkable silence from very specific guys here whenever there's controversy involving women on this site but they are extremely vocal when it involves men and/or GamerGaters.

          Last edited 19/07/16 3:28 pm

            Saying you dislike one thing does NOT mean you support or condone another simply because you don't talk about it... And the idea that people like you clearly believe it does mean that, nothing short of moronic.

            People like you use bullshit arguments like that to try and silence people gullible enough to buy it, by trying to make them feel bad, guilty of something, whatever. Largely because you've got nothing better to say, or you're trying to push an agenda of your own under the guise of some sort of noble crusade for everyone.

            Do you hijack discussions about feminism or the like with, "You're not discussing racism in this conversation about feminism so you must all hate black people!" or such bullshit too, or are you JUST about the white knighting? Because unless you hijack all discussions like that, all the time, anytime they come up, then you're guilty of being as selective as you accuse others of being. Only it's worse in your case because you'd clearly KNOW you're doing it, and that'd make you a giant hypocrite.

            You're essentially saying... "Oh this person talks about this? But that thread two days ago about violence against that woman (that they might not have even seen), they didn't say a word! They CLEARLY condone violence against women!"

            What an asinine implication.

            I can take a guess as to why there might be 'remarkable silence' from a number of people when an issue involving protecting women comes up... Because people come out of the woodworks anytime it does happen. So there's more than enough people already involved and calling for someone's head on a spike.

            But when its to do with 'protecting' a man, all those people disappear and you could hear a pin drop from a mile.

            Now, two things before you get back up on your soapbox assuming a bunch of shit about why I posted here... First, let me be real clear in saying that if I hadn't seen your absurdity I wouldn't have even commented, the article has nothing to do with it. I could care less about defending the guy in this article as it seems pretty clear cut to me that he did it.

            Second, and most important because if I don't say this it'll be "You're one of them! I am vindicated! Huzzah!", I wouldn't mind both GamerGaters and Anti-GamerGaters disappearing completely because from what I've seen for the most part they're as bad as one another.


            Last edited 19/07/16 5:47 pm

        Dude, I even said that it sounds like this guy actually did it. All I'm saying is that this guys life shouldn't be ruined until it's actually PROVEN that he committed a crime.

        What happens if it turns out he didn't do anything. He's been kicked off the team, that's his job. If this is a false accusation, that means this guy lost his job for no reason. He's going to be labeled as a pervert and sexual predator for the rest of his life. He'll lose friends, he won't be able to get other jobs. If this is a false accusation, it'll ruin this guys life.

        I don't go to every article about somebody ALLEGEDLY committing a crime. I only clicked on this one because I have an interest in the fighting game community. But, I still stand firm by my idea that everybody should be innocent until proven guilty. Lynching somebody because they MIGHT have done something bad is completely idiotic. I could very well say that you groped my 12 year old sister, does that mean that you actually did?

    I see both sides have some problems. I think it's good that he (Hyuga) was punished for what he has done wrong, but I feel like the announcement should've been done by Perez instead of Nick. In fact, I felt like what Nick did was really slack and bad (just my opinion). Hyuga admits that he was drunk, and admits that it wasn't an excuse, but I think he shouldn't have tried to silence someone because of his career (feels lame and arrogant). In the article, it says that Perez has no plans to pursue legal action which kind of shows that she didn't want to take it too far. I think overall, what Perez did was correct, while Nick and Hyuga just made things worse. Of course, as an outsider, I wouldn't know the whole situation so don't take this seriously.

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