CD Projekt RED Has Come A Hell Of A Long Way


Here's a picture of a booth from E3 2004. It was the booth of CD Projekt RED, the Polish team who were showing off a prototype of the first Witcher game.

CD Projekt RED is now something bigger. It's part of the CD Projekt Group, which owns Good Old Games as well as the development studio. That group posted their financials for the first half of the year recently, and as a result the company is now worth more than $1 billion.

Without getting too bogged down in the nitty gritty, it's easy to say CDR are doing damn well. Apart from their healthy financial state, the company's expanding their footprint significantly. According to their management board report, CDR has "initiated cooperation with a Chinese partner" called GAEA to directly distribute games into China.

Cyberpunk 2077 is now the largest project in the Polish studio's history, and there's plenty of room for new developers. Seven pages of positions, in fact.

But perhaps one of the best indicators is the company's stock price, which surged to close at 40.90 zloty a share (the official currency) following the release of the game's first half financials.

The market capitalisation of the whole group — the total worth of the company's shares — is now around $1.341 billion, or 3.92 billion zloty.

Not bad for a company that at one stage was demoing their games at E3 on a single PC with a poster and about bugger all else just over a decade ago. Bring on Cyberpunk 2077.


    They bloody well deserve their success. 'The Witcher' games are brilliant, both as games and as stories. Hard to believe they are also behind GOG too.

    There is no game right now I am looking forward to more than Cyberpunk 2077. I find it crazy that they are calling it their biggest project ever, after how massive 'The Witcher 3' was.

      Their in house dev'd tech behind their games is awesome as well, shows you don't need to be a huge player or left at the whims of some middleware provider to make good shit!

    CD Projekt RED are amongst my most favorite of developers. After being stung countless times by the Ubisofts and EA's of the industry it is nice to know there are still developers with true passion in their work.

    I mean all of them signed the box for the collector's edition and it came with a "thank you" note. Instead of the usaul "spend another $60 for dlc we should have included" like many other companies.

    I just hope Cyberpunk 2077 doesn't focus too much on the big and not on the details. But after TW3, I have faith :-)

      This. And then when they did do DLC, a whole bunch of it was free, and the two bits of paid DLC were proper, oldschool 90s-style expansions, not the usual crap.

    Hopefully they remain independent and don't sellout like Blizzard and Bioware. Maybe then they will keep the values that made them a successful and popular developer and continue making great games.

      I have faith. If you watch their financial presentation to investors for 2015, you can see so many signs of how much integrity and decency these guys have.

    as geralt would say, "mmm.... uh huh.... yep"

    i'm looking forward to cyberpunk as most anticipated game since witcher 3, a lot more than recent deus, and thats saying something, given deus is amongst my fave series (tho last was certainly a bit disappointing, rush ending to me certainly felt "dlc-y" to "finish the story")

    I love the quality they put in their works. I feel, they have taken cues from Rockstar.

    Stay free and independant CDPR! You magnificent bastards!!

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