BioWare's Forums Are Being Locked Down This Week

In case you missed the announcement when it first came around, here's a small reminder. If you ever spotted anything good on the BioWare Forums, get it soon, because it won't be around for much longer.

The developer announced at the end of July that its forums would shut down on August 26, US time. The forums for Star Wars: The Old Republic would remain open, but for everything else BioWare the company is happy to defer to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and all other community-driven hubs.

From August 26, the forums will be locked to a read-only state until October 25. That's officially the day when everything will be taken down, although the company says they'll hold onto some private boards for feedback on certain betas or other projects they have in development.

If you ever came across something delightful on the forums ... well, you'll still have until October to do so. But if you maintained a BioWare account for a long time and would like to post one final farewell before those doors are shut entirely, you've got the rest of the week to pen that magnum opus.


    BSN forums closing? That's hardly surprising.

    BioWare Forum fan community moved over to 'new' BSN - It's hard to stifle a 'long-form' conversation. 140 characters are not king ;-)

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