Cosplay For Fans Of Old Lara Croft

Cosplay For Fans Of Old Lara Croft

2016’s take on Tomb Raider has a lot going for it, but there are still folks out there — cosplayers included — who remember the original Lara Croft.

Russian cosplayer Anastasya Zelenova is one of them, and while she’s actually cosplayed as the modern Lara (and the Underworld version), it’s her ’90s takes that are the best.

You can see more of Anastasya’s cosplay at her DeviantArt page. Photos by Denis Murin.


  • Would it be wrong for me to prefer the ’90s Croft over the newer incarnations?

    As a character, she had the same impact as Samus in the 80s.

    • Cant beat the classic Lara Croft

      I know; I tried the original PS1 game last year and due to my skill only being good enough for Myst I made Croft a snack for the bears repeatedly.

      hell its the one I grew up with

      I’m sure that can be interpreted more than one way, 😛

      • I always wonder why people think the original was a PS1 game. I played it on PS1, Saturn, and PC. The PC version was the best.

  • It’s not accurate, She doesn’t have triangular boobs.
    Seriously though that’s a pretty great cosplay.

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