Look At This Amazing D&D Diorama

Look At This Amazing D&D Diorama

Suddenly a nice table and some beers just doesn’t seem good enough.

This incredible tabletop setup was posted by Amazing Tabletop Terrain over the weekend. It belongs to (and was built by) Ryan Devoto, featuring the detailed and almost lifelike ocean work of Micheal Tiskus from Terranscapes.

The scale of it all just crushes the mind. There’s the ocean section, the beach, the hills, the ruins, a village, the castle…you could play on this for weeks and still not see everything it has to offer.

Side note: how do I turn my entire house into that gaming room.


  • WOW!

    Teen age me says ” I must make something like this!”

    Aldult me says ” You can’t afford it. Just play the Witcher 3.”

  • Fuck me, I thought my terrain was pretty good … then I see somethign like this! Truely inspirational.

  • Hundred grand D&D budget. For those who want to turn their house into that…replace regular furnishings with japanese sleeping modules and rent out a single bedroom to ten people. Turn the second bedroom into toilets and showers. Rent a bed module at fifty a night. Thus producing a $500/night income payable upfront monthly. Assuming 50% tax thats about sixty thousand a year in income.

    Ten grand dnd budget. 😉

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