Miitomo’s Japanese High School Rap Song Is Kind Of Catchy

Miitomo’s Japanese High School Rap Song Is Kind Of Catchy

Video: The latest in a series of Japanese promo videos for Nintendo’s mobile social networking app demonstrates Miitomo’s ability to bring plucky teens together in song, which unfortunately isn’t a real thing. We’ve not heard much from Miitomo in a couple of months, what with all the Pokemon GO-ing happening, but the app is still going strong, albeit not as strong as the initial craze back in late March/early April.

Nintendo Mobile’s been promoting the game in Japan with a series of live action video spots. In the first spot a Japanese high schooler demonstrates a propensity for rap. In the second, another high schooler schools fools with a shamisen, the traditional three-stringed instrument with the distinctive Japanese sound. Finally, we see the two friends reconnecting over a shared love of music, albeit two wildly different forms.

Which brings us to the final video, via Nintendo Life.

And now you’ll never be able to open Miitomo again without hearing that squeaky chant.


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