Newegg Opens Australian Ebay Store, But Nothing’s Available Yet [UPDATE]

Newegg Opens Australian Ebay Store, But Nothing’s Available Yet [UPDATE]
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Don’t look, but it’s been two years since Australians have been able to order items from Newegg. So to celebrate, the gargantuan tech retailer is rolling out even more Australian services — such as an Ebay store. Problem is, there’s nothing to buy.

Update: Newegg’s PR has gotten in touch and provided us with the proper link to their Australian Ebay store, which has a refreshed look, items you can purchase (and get shipped to your door). Everything’s listed in Australian prices as well, although the range on what’s available is a little limited.

You can check out the store here. The original story is below.

According to a release from Newegg, all items bought from Newegg’s local Ebay store will be shipped from within Australia. And it matches their efforts overseas, with the company having already opened Ebay stores in the United Kingdom and the United States.

But when I clicked on the Newegg icon at the top of the storefront I was redirected to the US Ebay store, where various items were listed as being shipped from the United States. That don’t always ship to Australia.

Going back to the URL and clicking on individual categories kept me rooted to the Australian Ebay page. But there was one small problem — nothing was available for purchase.

No deals on a GTX 1070 or an RX 480 for me, then.

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The gaming cupboard’s pretty bare too. If you remove the Australian part from the URL, all of the listings appear — but clicking through then reveals that you can’t get them shipped to Australian anyway.

Something Newegg will fix pretty soon, you’d imagine.

The new Ebay store isn’t the only concession to Australians, though. The company is also marking its anniversary by offering a discount on its Amazon Prime-esque service, Newegg Premier. Premier is basically an annual subscription (usually $79, discounted to $59) that gets you the following:

Free domestic shipping from Australia to Australia (excludes cross-border orders, some regional postal code restrictions apply)
No restocking fees
20% off select promotional items

You don’t pay a restocking fee if you return an item within the return window. There’s no fee either on returning defective items or items that don’t match their original description, so the true value of “no restocking fees” can be a little bit confusing — brush up on Newegg’s refunds and restocking policy here. It might also be worth brushing up on what postcodes Newegg’s free shipping bonus doesn’t apply to. Those in metropolitan areas, or the majority of New South Wales and Victoria, will be fine though — there isn’t a single postcode within the 2000 or 3000 block that isn’t covered by Newegg Premium, save for the defence forces, Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island.

I can see Newegg’s Ebay store coming in handy whenever Ebay has technology-themed discount drives across the entire site. Having an Australian Ebay store means Newegg could get included in those, which could result in some nice discounts for Australians. Once items are actually listed for sale, of course.


  • Newegg Opens Australian Ebay Store, But Nothing’s Available Yet

    Still better value price wise compared to a lot of local stores (online and otherwise), 😛

  • Last year when Newegg did the whole initial ‘this is shipped from somewhere in Australia’ thing the website was not without its bugs. I had to keep telling it to display in AUD as I went through sourcing my new hardware, it kept reverting back to USD. Thought I was seeing prices that were cheaper than I first thought, turned out I was.

    Always liked the ebay experience, will definitely keep an eye on this.

    • They’ve been pretty big in the US for years now. Heard about them a lot on slashdot back when it was actually good.

  • I recently decided to buy some gear off Newegg and was pleasantly surprised that even with shipping it was significantly cheaper than anywhere here. If they get included in the Ebay sales, that would be some great savings!

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