No Man's Sky Players Are Finding Dick Monsters

In an endless universe full of possibilities, there's one thing you can always count on: dicks. Lots and lots of dicks.

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As you know, the creatures in No Man's Sky are procedurally generated, which means that animals can look like all sorts of things, depending on what the algorithm spits out. There are no outright dicks in the game, but there are specific body parts and head types that look phallic, as many players have been discovering for the last week. Some combinations come together in awful but hilarious ways.

Here are some of the many dick monsters players have discovered in No Man's Sky. Note that some of these even come packed with a gross squishy sound, because of course they do. Others have even been known to make unfortunate moaning sounds. It's...yeah.

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There's even a Tumblr dedicated to No Man's Sky dicks, though it mostly seems to be full of land formations shaped like wangs.


    I think we all know who the real dick monster is.

      PH got Wrkt!

        Don't tell me I have to find monoliths so I can understand you too.

        Ffs no mans sky!!!

    So we get one article saying there is hardly any variety in the game, then two articles about bizzarre creatures showing up in the game.

      I thought that story was more about the Twitter clip joke.

    It's Spore all over again 10 years later.

      Spore meets Elite. Thats pretty much how my brain has settled on NMS when trying to describe it.

      Funnest creature for me so far has been a chickenroo, or something like that, which was about 20 ft tall. Wish I'd snapped a screeny of it.

        I found a herd of 2m tall shark-cat-moose things that poop (i think its poop) out materials when i feed em heridium. Fun times.

    I found a variety of different creatures that i can only refer to as "bouncing dick monsters" on a planet last night. There were at least three individual species of them. Still trying to think of cool names before I upload them.

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