Scum Bug Gave Players Ever-Growing Dicks

Scum Bug Gave Players Ever-Growing Dicks

Online survival game Scum issued a patch yesterday that fixed a number of bugs in the game. Among them one where a player’s penis size “would get bigger with each login.”

That’s not where the dick-related patching ends, either. Of the 16 bugs addressed in the update, three were directly related to player junk, including one where “it was possible to increase penis size without it affecting other attributes”, and another where “urinating would lock hands and penis if interrupted”.

Scum, like Conan, thought it would be a good idea to build dick models for its players and make them part of the game (and character creation system, where you can adjust size from “1″ to “8″). But more variables = more bugs, regardless of whether the polygons are in your pants or not.

Via PC Gamer.


      • I can’t help but think of the Unreal Tournament big head mutator. Just change it up for this, the more kills you get the bigger our schlong gets till you’re running around looking like a backwards kangaroo.

  • Still waiting for a game where you can steathily bludgeon your enemies to death with your penis.
    I shall call such a game Cock-slap Death 3000.

    • You need to see an animated series called Ugly Americans. It has a cop become a champion cock fighter, a Croatian man, and a koala with a dark

    • If such a game were to exist I am sure the morality police would ensure it was Refused Classification and we’d never get to play it anyway.

      • I’m not seeing where morality is involved, it’s no different to beating someone to death with your hands in a game, which is incredibly common, and we’ve already crossed the threshold of penises in games so why not?

        • The censors are really spooked by “sexual violence” so yeah slapping someone to death with a digital cock will be viewed way differently to beating them to death with digital fists.

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